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The Lean toolbox includes all of these items except ________________.
A. Mistake Proofing
B. Visual Factory
C. Design of Experiments
D. Inventory Management

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 27
Questions that can be best answered by a Visual Factory include all of these except _____________________.
A. Are downtime issues easily noted?
B. Can extra inventory be seen easily?
C. Are unneeded tools or supplies easily noted?
D. Are setups optimized for lower scrap levels?

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 28
If a Six Sigma project was to reduce repair station inventory and the team found the inventory was creeping up over time which Lean tools should be considered in the Control Phase to reestablish and sustain the project success?
A. Review the Visual Factory to assure inventory in excess of desired visible
B. Improve the lighting to assure adequate visibility
C. Analyze data from supplier deliveries
D. Reword the standardized work instructions to use active verbs and not passive phrases

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 29
When a Belt implements an improvement that is automated thus requiring no particular understanding for use he has applied which Lean tool?
A. Mistake Proofing
B. Kaizen Event
C. 5S
D. None

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 30
Kaizens or Kaikakus and Six Sigma projects are intended to create incremental process improvements versus breakthrough, significant improvements.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 31
Which of these items contribute to what is necessary for successful Kaizen events?
A. Analysis tools
B. Management support
C. Operator support
D. All of these answers are correct

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 32
Kanban establishes a means of monitoring production, conveyance and delivery information such that efficient flow is established. The method used by Kanban is to require a _________ before anything moves.
A. Sign-off
B. Signal
C. Bell to ring

D. Work order Correct Answer: B QUESTION 33
When a Belt decides to use written procedures and visual controls to improve the consistency of the tasks that must occur in the process he is improving he has utilized the _________________ activity of 5S.
A. Sustaining
B. Sorting
C. Standardizing
D. Straightening

Correct Answer: C
SPC Charts are used extensively in different business and decision-making environments. In this example
a vendor is being selected based on speed of delivery. Which of the conclusions would help you pick a
vendor for your needs regarding lead-time of delivery from your vendors? (Note:
There are 4 correct answers).
A. Vendor A with a much shorter lead time in delivery
B. Vendor B as it has a better consistency (lower variance) on lead time
C. Vendor B as Vendor A shows a situation out of control as shown in red
D. Vendor B as the Control Limits are much narrower than Vendor A
E. Vendor B with higher lead time, but a process with much narrower Control Limits

Correct Answer: BCDE QUESTION 35
Fractional Factorial designs are used to reduce the ____________ because the number of runs has been lowered.
A. Time and cost of experiments
B. Number of people involved
C. Number of data measurement points
D. Output summary

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 36
Fractional Factorial Designs are used to analyze factors to model the output as a function of inputs if Hypothesis Testing in the Analyze Phase was inadequate to sufficiently narrow the factors that significantly impact the output(s).
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 37
A Factorial Experiment based on a Level 2 Design with 6 factors would require 16 runs to fully assess the interactions.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 38
A Full Factorial experiment using a 3 level 3 factor approach has been proposed to test the viability of an extrusion machine experiment. How many treatment combinations will this approach involve?
A. 6
B. 9
C. 27
D. 54

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 39
Screening experiments are the proper choice when a Belt is faced with the situation of highly Fractional Factorial Designs.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A

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