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If a measure is considered valid, it means that: A. It is easy to be obtained
B. It is objective
C. It measures what it is intended to measure
D. Two or more people can collect the same number
E. It is robust

Correct Answer: C
The COSO Enterprise Risk Management model’s ____________ component ensures that management has a process in place to set objectives and that the chosen objectives support and align with the organization’s mission/vision.
A. Information and Communication
B. Objective Setting
C. Risk Assessment
D. Control Activities
Correct Answer: B
Statement Testing is included in which of the following test data categories?
A. Functional
B. Structural
C. Error Oriented
Correct Answer: B
What is the risk that an organization faces if management does not take action to alter the risk’s likelihood or impact?
A. Risk Management
B. Risk Appetite
C. Enterprise Risk Management
D. Residual Risk
E. Inherent Risk
Correct Answer: E
A help desk employee is allowed to hire a courier to deliver a report needed quickly by a user; but only up to a cost of $100. This means that the employee is being ___________.
A. Mentored
B. Empowered
C. Trained
D. Included
Correct Answer: B
Within COTS software, attributes designed to “get you out of trouble” when you get into trouble is which aspect of a COTS software?
A. Knowledge to Execute
B. Understandability
C. Quality of Communication
D. Effectiveness of Help Routines
Correct Answer: D
One of the concerns that IT management needs to address with their staff when software development is outsourced to an outside organization is:
A. Why the contract was selected
B. Loss of employee morale
C. Need to cooperate with the contractor
D. Benefit to the organization by having software developed at a lower cost
E. Improved quality that can be achieved by contracting
Correct Answer: B
What is the primary responsibility of an internal auditor in maintaining the security system?
A. Define internal controls
B. Conduct training on internal controls
C. Examine internal controls and recommend improvements
Correct Answer: C
Stress-testing subjects a system to which of the following types of tests?
A. Test Scripts
B. System Requirements
C. Large Volumes of Transactions
D. Change to Transactions
E. Error Conditions
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following tools category has a mathematical focus and is related to data collection or interpretation?
A. Management Tools
B. Presentation Tools
C. Statistical Tools
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: C

Process mapping identifies or maps relationships with all the below mentioned activities except?
A. Between processes and the organization’s mission and goals
B. Its process exit criteria and work products
C. Its deliverables (products and services)
D. Its functional units or roles (people)
Correct Answer: B
The system having adequate safeguards to protect the data against damage refers to which CSF?
A. Maintainability
B. Cost-effectiveness
C. Security
D. Reliability
Correct Answer: C
Earned Value is used to:
A. Manage and Control the Product
B. Manage and Control the Process
C. Improve the Process
D. Manage the Risks
Correct Answer: B
If you want to ensure that individuals can effectively perform work processes, which activity would you implement to achieve that goal?
A. Measurement
B. Team Building
C. Performance Reviews
D. Career Development
E. Training
Correct Answer: E
Which of the following Dynamic Testing techniques produces the highest defect yield?
A. Sliver Testing
B. Black-Box Testing
C. White-Box Testing
D. Thread Testing
E. Incremental Testing
Correct Answer: C
There are many benefits associated with maturing work processes. As work processes mature, which of the following would be expected to decrease:
A. Training
B. Management Support
C. Defect Rates
D. Customer Satisfaction
E. Confidence in the Process
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 87

Getting the right change installed at the right time is a responsibility of what type of software management?
A. Software Risk Management
B. Risk Management
C. Defect Management
D. Software Configuration Management
E. Software Test Management
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following tools / techniques is a facilitated technique where all teammates participate by individually ranking ideas, issues, concerns, and solutions; then the group achieves a consensus by combining the individual rankings?
A. Brainstorming
B. Nominal Group Technique
C. Force Field Analysis
D. Affinity Diagram
E. Benchmarking
Correct Answer: B
If you found, through testing software, that your IT project team was building software with an average of 58 defects per 1000 function points, this would be a:
A. Baseline
B. Benchmark
C. Complexity Metric
D. Size Measure
Correct Answer: A
The optimal number of task force members is:
A. 1 – 3 members
B. 3 – 8 members
C. 8 – 10 members
D. No limit
Correct Answer: B

Which answer below is NOT one of the seven steps for implementing an IT quality function?
A. Develop a charter
B. Identify a quality manager
C. Staff and train the quality function
D. Audit the use of quality tools
E. Build support for quality
Correct Answer: D
Controls are placed near the end of a process or workbench because this is the most appropriate location.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 93
What is the correct definition for the term “testable requirements”?
A. A requirement with a test
B. A requirement with a minimum of two tests
C. A requirement that can be validated to be incorrect or correct
D. A requirement that will be tested during test execution
E. A requirement that will be assigned to a tester to test

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 94
If your customer complains that you made an error, you need to do the following:
A. If you are wrong, admit the error
B. Negotiate a satisfactory resolution
C. State solution and get agreement
D. Take action to implement a solution
E. All of the above

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 95
Which type of monitoring focuses on the input or entrance criteria to a business process, for compliance to organizational policies?
A. Preventive Monitoring
B. Detective Monitoring
C. Management Monitoring
D. None of the above

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 96
Characteristics such as ‘product based’, ‘defect detection’, relates to:
A. Quality Assurance
B. Quality Control
C. Quality Improvement

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 97
If the data in a pie chart represent five components of a total population and four of the five sections of the pie chart represent 5%, 25%, 50%, and 10% of the total population, what percentage of the total population is the fifth section?
A. 100%
B. 40%
C. 20%
D. 5%
E. None of the above

Correct Answer: E
One of the primary objectives of process control is to:
A. Reduce Variability
B. Increase Competition
C. Improve Metrics
D. Find Root Causes
Correct Answer: A
The Pareto analysis statistical quality tool is more commonly known as:
A. Fishbone Diagram
B. Run Chart
C. Scatter Diagram
D. 80 / 20 Rule
E. Tally Sheet
Correct Answer: D

A Standard states:
A. What
B. When
C. Where
D. Why
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