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For contracted software development, defining within the contract the dates on which the contractor must provide the contracted software addresses:
A. What is done?
B. Who does it?
C. When it is done?
D. How it is done?

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 32
One of the critical success factors in acquiring COTS software is that the vendor will continue to provide additional features in the future. This critical success factor is commonly referred to as:
A. Ease of Use
B. Expandability
C. Maintainability
D. Transferability
E. Reliability

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 33
Which of the following is not normally included in a contract for an outside organization to develop software for your use?
A. Why it is needed
B. What is done
C. When it is done
D. Who does what
E. Penalties for nonperformance Correct Answer: A
One way to minimize risk is to:
A. Install Controls
B. Decrease Acceptance Testing
C. Increase the Probability Factor
D. None of the above
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: A
Quality award given in Japan is:
A. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards
B. Deming Prize
C. Juran Prize
D. Japanese Quality Award
Correct Answer: B
The objective of a Pareto Chart is to:
A. Show the present value of money
B. Identify the cause of problems
C. Rank the cause of problems by frequency
D. Determine the return on investment
E. Show the root cause of problems
Correct Answer: C
Which has frequently been referred to as the most difficult task in getting people to use the process?
A. Determining the need for a process
B. Writing the process
C. Testing the process
D. Deploying the process
E. Improving the process
Correct Answer: D

Process inventories can be developed by:
A. Referencing existing manuals
B. Conduct affinity group sessions
C. Survey employees
D. All of the above
E. A and C above
Correct Answer: D
Experience has shown statistically that as program modules become more complex: A. The time to develop the module decreases
B. The amount of effort to test the validity increases geometrically
C. The number of defects has an inverse relationship
D. The tester needs to segment the program
E. The need for a help desk increases
Correct Answer: B
Many contracts contain provisions to determine how the contract will be changed in the event that some undetermined circumstance occurs. This provision in a contract is called:
A. Compensation for Error
B. Exercising Options
C. Renegotiation
D. Termination Provisions
E. Cost Limitations
Correct Answer: C
Which product metric would be used to predict the probability of a software failure, or the rate at which software errors will occur?
A. Cyclomatic Complexity
B. Function Points
C. Quality
D. Correctness
E. Reliability
Correct Answer: E
It is very important ‘to evaluate how employees feel about their manager or leader’ to assess the climate of a specific organization or group. An assessment of an organization’s ‘climate’ discovers if the employees’ satisfaction level is positive or negative.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following planning activities is associated with the quality planning question “where do we want to go”?
A. Capabilities and Opportunity Planning
B. Policies and Procedure Planning
C. Priorities and Schedules Planning
D. Objectives and Goals Planning
E. Budgeting and Resource Planning
Correct Answer: D
Focusing on quality can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
An audit is:
A. A process used to measure the current level of performance
B. An independent appraisal activity
C. An evaluation of a model
Correct Answer: B
A payroll application requires that each new employee hired have a unique Employee ID and password and that all characters in a field are either numeric or alphabetic. This is an example of a:
A. Logical Test
B. Limit Test
C. Validity Test
D. Completeness Test
E. None of the above
Correct Answer: D
Determining which risks are likely to affect the project and documenting the characteristics of each is called ________ .
A. Risk Assessment
B. Risk Management
C. Risk
D. Risk Identification
Correct Answer: D
Many people believe there is an overlap between internal auditors and quality assurance, however, the main role of internal auditing is to:
A. Identify and report problems
B. Define and implement solutions to a problem
C. Build processes that prevent problems from occurring
D. Check all products to make sure they are defect free
E. Conduct acceptance testing before usage
Correct Answer: A

The focus of post-implementation reviews or post mortems is to:
A. Correct the defects
B. Improve the process
C. Plan future projects
D. Fix the blame for bad quality
E. None of the above
Correct Answer: B
In which phase of the Quality Function’s maturation does the organization’s objectives move from Quality Control to Quality Assurance?
A. Initial Phase
B. Intermediate Phase
C. Final Phase
Correct Answer: B
Baselines should NOT be conducted:
A. To determine where detailed investigation is required
B. To identify problems / areas for quality improvement
C. To evaluate individual performance
D. To compare against external organizations
Correct Answer: C
Project objectives and goals expressed in quantitative terms is part of which planning activity?
A. Business / Activity Planning
B. Environment Planning
C. Objective / Goal Planning
D. Policies / Procedures Planning
Correct Answer: C
Which one of the following is NOT one of the change control procedures?
A. Proposed change should be formally approved
B. Developers should make the program changes.
C. An independent person, other than the person who made the change, should test the final revised program.
D. Developer should provide access rights for the change in configuration management tool.
E. The documentation system should be updated with all change sheets or change registers
Correct Answer: D
Outsourced software can be developed by an organization within the country of use or developed in another country. Which of the following is a difference associated with software developed by an organization in another country?
A. Missing requirements
B. Customer standards may not be met
C. Non-testable requirements
D. Training and deployment may be difficult
E. Cultural differences
Correct Answer: E QUESTION 55

These five components (environment, risk assessment, control activities, information communication, and monitoring) are associated with which of the following control models:
A. COSO Internal Control Framework Model
B. ISO Model
C. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Model
D. Enterprise Risk and Management Model
E. CobiT Model
Correct Answer: A
Measurement provides ____________ feedback to an organization about whether it is achieving its goals.
A. Qualitative
B. Subjective
C. Objective
D. Quantitative
Correct Answer: D
From a control perspective, detective controls are only effective when what other types of controls are implemented?
A. Environmental Controls
B. Preventive Controls
C. Training Controls
D. Corrective Controls
E. Audit Controls
Correct Answer: D
A review that evaluates a preliminary statement of high-level market requirements is a:
A. Requirements Review
B. Checkpoint Review
C. Feasibility Review
D. Contract Review
E. In-Process Review
Correct Answer: C
Quality Assurance is defined as those activities designed to identify ‘defects which have already been created’.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B
When maturing the management process, movement will be from: A. Product Focus to Process Focus
B. Process Focus to Product Focus
C. Team Focus to Product Focus
Correct Answer: A
_________ includes periodically assessing project status, reassessing the documented risks, examining executed strategies that succeeded or failed, and considering new risks.
A. Risk Monitoring
B. Risk Resolution
C. Risk Response Planning
D. Risk Prioritization
Correct Answer: A
Identify the correct sequence of the ‘Management Cycle’.
A. Plan-Do-Act-Check
B. Check-Act-Plan-Do
C. Plan-Check-Do-Act
D. Plan-Do-Check-Act
Correct Answer: D
An objective measure is a measure that can be obtained by:
A. An individual’s perception
B. Counting
C. All the above
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: B
The process of implementing a new or improved approach is called:
A. Change Process
B. Improvement Process
C. Deployment Process
D. Definition Process
Correct Answer: C
As COTS software is demonstrated in operation and the evaluators watch and listen to the demonstration to evaluate the ease with which the operation process can be learned, they are evaluating what aspect of computer software?
A. Quality of Communication
B. Ease of Use of Instruction Manual
C. Understandability
D. Knowledge to Execute
E. Effectiveness of Help Routines
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 66
Which of the following is NOT an example of a key indicator?
A. Productivity
B. Customer Satisfaction
C. Estimated Size
D. Defect Rates

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 67
Goals explain how the vision will be achieved.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 68
The step-by-step methods used to ensure that standards are met is called:
A. A Policy
B. Standards
C. Procedures
D. Accelerates during the higher levels of maturity
E. A Process

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 69
Critical success factors for purchased software should be defined from the perspective of :
A. The User
B. Quality Assurance Personnel
C. Computer Programmers
D. Computer Operations Personnel
E. IT Management

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 70
Which of the following are considered distinguishing characteristics of Risk?
A. Situational
B. Time Based
C. Magnitude Dependent
D. Value Based
E. All the above

Correct Answer: E

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