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In SAP Enterprise Asset Management, the first step of the corrective maintenance process is to create a notification.
What data is collected in a notification? (Choose two)
A. Actual repair costs
B. Operations
C. Tasks
D. Activities
Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 2
To which organizational units can a maintenance planning plant be assigned?
A. To maintenance plants
B. To controlling areas
C. To functional locations
D. To storage locations

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
Which of the following objects are technical objects in SAP Enterprise Asset Management? (Choose three)
A. Work center
B. Equipment
C. Reference object
D. Functional location
E. Bill of material

Correct Answer: BDE QUESTION 4
You want to create one bill of material (BOM) to be used for several equipment master records. Therefore, you create a material BOM.
In which field do you enter the corresponding material number to assign this material BOM to the equipment master record?
A. In the Structure Indicator field
B. In the Construction Type field
C. In the Order Type field
D. In the Usage Times field

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
A non-stock item is assigned to a plant maintenance order.
Which document is generated when the order is released or saved?

A. A purchase requisition
B. A purchase order
C. A material document D. An inventory reservation

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6
SAP Enterprise Asset Management uses technical objects.
Which technical object represents an individual physical object that is maintained as an autonomous unit?

A. Equipment
B. Work center
C. Serial number
D. Bill of material

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7
You perform a completion confirmation on an internally processed operation of a plant maintenance order. Which of the following functions can be performed during this step? (Choose two)
A. Print the shop papers
B. Release the maintenance order
C. Enter the measurement readings
D. Record the actual costs
E. Settle the order Correct Answer: CD
Financial Accounting
The UK company code’s sales organization will begin to sell to an existing customer assigned to the German company code′s sales organization.
What do you need to do regarding the customer′s master record?
A. Create company code level and sales area level data.
B. Change the client level data.
C. Create a new customer master record.
D. Change company code level data.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
Which of the following statements regarding the structure of a master record for a general ledger account is correct?
A. The setting for the balance sheet account is defined in both the chart of accounts and company code segments.
B. Both the chart of accounts and company code segments must be defined before you can post to the account.
C. The company code segment is mandatory, and is defined before the chart of accounts segment.
D. The settings for the chart of accounts segment are unique for each company code.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 3
What enables segment reporting on the balance sheet?
A. Document splitting
B. Activity Allocation
C. Periodic Processing
D. FI/CO Reconciliation

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
What are the results of processing the payment program? (Choose two)
A. Vendors’ open items are cleared.
B. Payment documents are posted.
C. The goods receipt/invoice receipt (GR/IR) account is cleared.
D. Revenues are posted to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 5
Which type of business transaction integrates with Financial Accounting?
A. A direct activity allocation
B. A commitment
C. A goods issue
D. An assessment Correct Answer: C

Your organization is implementing Financial Accounting in SAP ERP. What information would you give them regarding company codes?
A. A plant can be assigned to more than one company code.
B. A company code can have multiple leading ledgers.
C. A company code can be assigned to more than one controlling area.
D. A company code has one operating chart of accounts.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 7
How can you keep more than one valuation basis for an asset in Asset Accounting (FI-AA)?
A. Assign the asset to several segments.
B. Use several depreciation areas for the asset.
C. Assign the asset to several cost centers.
D. Use several asset classes for the asset.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
How do you ensure real-time integration of the accounts receivable subledger with the general ledger?
A. Enter a reconciliation account in the billing document.
B. Enter a reconciliation account in the customer master.
C. Assign a reconciliation account to the revenue account.
D. Assign postings to a profit center to derive a reconciliation account.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 9
Which purchase-to-pay business process transactions create a financial accounting document? (Choose two)
A. Enter an invoice receipt.
B. Enter a payment proposal.
C. Enter a purchase requisition.
D. Enter a vendor payment. Correct Answer: AD
Human Capital Management
Which SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) processes integrate with Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO)? (Choose two)
A. Personnel development and qualifying actions
B. Appraisals
C. Travel management
D. Payroll
Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 2
Which action is possible in Employee Self-Service in SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM)?
A. Submit compensation plans
B. Submit job vacancy
C. Approve leave requests
D. Submit travel expenses

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3
Which SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) process uses qualifications?
A. Personnel Development
B. Personnel Cost Planning
C. Continuous performance feedback
D. Compensation and benefits

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
What is the purpose of personnel actions in SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM)?
A. To display all existing infotypes for a given personnel number
B. To display green checkmarks for all infotypes that have been maintained for multiple personnel numbers
C. To allow you to maintain infotypes for more than one personnel number simultaneously
D. To provide a sequence of predetermined infotypes to be maintained for a personnel number

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 5
What are the options to maintain infotypes in SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM)? (Choose three)
A. Personnel actions
B. Personnel file
C. Fast entry
D. Organizational staffing
E. Maintenance of one infotype for one person on a single screen

Correct Answer: ACE QUESTION 6
Which SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) organizational level would you assign to a company code?
A. Personnel area
B. Employee group
C. Personnel subarea
D. Payroll area

Correct Answer: A
In SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM), the organizational plan is a comprehensive and dynamic model of the structural and personnel environment in an enterprise.
What data is contained in the organizational plan? (Choose three)
A. Employee subgroup
B. Job
C. Position
D. Person
E. Personnel number
Correct Answer: BCD

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