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Exam Code: 70-773
Exam Name: Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R (beta)
Q&As: 102

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70-773 dumps

Which of the following are goals of the Service Reusability design principle? Select the correct answer.
A. To support the creation of services based upon agnostic service logic.
B. To allow for service logic to be repeatedly leveraged over time so as to achieve an increasingly high return on the initial investment of delivering the service.
C. To increase organizational agility by enabling wide-scale service composition from service inventories that contains a high percentage of reusable services.
D. All of the above.
70-773 exam Answer: D
When applying the Service Autonomy principle, runtime autonomy and design-time autonomy are related through the following rule of thumb: “The the amount of design time autonomy, the correct answer.
A. lesser, lesser
B. greater, lesser
C. greater, greater
D. lesser, greater
Answer: C
the amount of attainable runtime autonomy.” Select the
Services with answer. tend to be more . Select the correct

A. a stateful context, more stateless
B. an agnostic context, reusable
C. a non-agnostic context, reusable
D. None of the above.
70-773 dumps Answer: B
The service-oriented architectural model is ideally designed to be neutral to vendor platforms so that organizations have the freedom to diversify by leveraging multiple vendor technology innovations over time, as required. Select the correct answer.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
A service cannot enter the role of composition sub-controller when invoked by a composition initiator. Select the correct answer.
A. True
B. False
70-773 pdf Answer: A
The Service Discoverability principle is supported by the Standardized Service Contract principle in which of the following ways? Select the correct answer.
A. The Standardized Service Contract principle advocates using naming conventions for ensuring that the functionality of services is consistently expressed. By making the service easier to understand, it becomes more discoverable.
B. The Standardized Service Contract principle supports a design process whereby the service contract is customized and created prior to the service logic. This allows service designers to shape the service contract content in such a manner that it can be effectively discovered.

C. The Standardized Service Contract principle requires the use of service contract design standards that can be created to establish conventions that are supportive of the Service Discoverability principle.
D. All of the above.
Answer: D
Service-orientation establishes a distinct approach to carrying out a(n) .
Select the correct answer.
A. separation of concerns
B. identification of constructs
C. inheritance of contracts
D. refactoring of code
70-773 vce Answer: A
A(n) in the extent to which the Service Reusability principle is applied to a service can result in a(n) composed. SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
A. decrease, decrease
B. increase, decrease
C. decrease, increase
D. increase, increase
Answer: A, D
in the potential for the service to be repeatedly
Which of the following are not service-orientation design principles? Select the correct answer.
A. Service Abstraction
B. Service Reliability

C. Service Autonomy
D. All of the above are service-orientation design principles.
70-773 exam Answer: B
Fill in the blank for the following definition for the Standardized Service Contract design principle: “Services within the same
contract design standards.” Select the correct answer.
A. service activity
B. service inventory
C. state
D. message path
Answer: B
are in compliance with the same
To be considered an enterprise resource a service must be non-agnostic in nature. Select the correct answer.
A. True
B. False
70-773 dumps Answer: B
Often it is a requirement to wrap a legacy system with a service. This is typically accomplished by encapsulating calls to the legacy system’s Application Programming Interface (API) within the core logic of the service. Care must be taken to not expose details of the underlying API through the service contract as it may unintentionally couple the service consumer to the
legacy system. Which pair of service-orientation principles directly addresses this concern? Select the correct answer.
A. Service Loose Coupling, Service Abstraction
B. Service Statelessness, Service Autonomy

C. Service Loose Coupling, Service Statelessness
D. Service Autonomy, Standardized Service Contract
Answer: A
When a service is required to manage and hold onto an excessive quantity of state data, it can lead to a decrease in which of the following desirable service characteristics? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
A. maintainability
B. availability
C. scalability
D. discoverability
70-773 pdf Answer: B, C
The composition controller role is most associated with which of the following service models? Select the correct answer.
A. task service
B. entity service
C. utility service
D. data service
Answer: A
Which of the following is not a benefit associated with silo-based application design? Select the correct answer.
A. The emphasis on fulfilling tactical (short-term) business requirements allows for a more predictable application delivery lifecycle.
B. The analysis and design of applications are easier because strategic (long-term) business requirements don’t usually need to be taken into account.

C. The latest technology advancements can be leveraged by repeatedly building new applications from the ground up.
D. Applications are always inherently built for repeated reuse across silos.
70-773 vce Answer: D
When measuring coupling that exists between a service and a service consumer, you can determine the extent of dependency that exists between the service and service consumer. Select the correct answer.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Which of the following are considered negative forms of coupling: SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
A. Logic-to-Contract
B. Contract-to-Logic
C. Contract-to-Technology
D. Contract-to-Implementation
70-773 exam Answer: B, C, D

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