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Internal control systems have two components. The first is_____________ ,and the second is the __________ within an individual business application
A. Environmental Controls, Transaction Processing Controls
B. Transaction Processing Controls, Environmental Controls
C. General Control, Environmental Control
D. Environmental Control, General Control
Correct Answer: A
The purpose of a Risk Analysis Process is to answer the question:
A. How big is the risk?
B. Is this an acceptable risk?
C. What exactly is being exposed to the risk?
D. What alternatives are there?
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: E
The main objectives of process mapping is / are to understand:
A. How a process contributes to meeting the organization’s mission and goals?
B. Who is responsible for the process?
C. How the process interfaces to produce the organization’s outcomes?
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
Correct Answer: D
Laws and regulations affecting the products produced and operated are generally addressed in which planning activity:
A. Business or Activity Planning
B. Environment Planning
C. Capabilities Planning
D. Assumptions Planning
E. Policies Planning
Correct Answer: B

Strategic planning answers which of the following questions:
A. What to do?
B. When to do it?
C. How to do it?
D. Where to do it?
E. Who does it?
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6

Enforcement of standards is the responsibility of:
A. Management
B. Quality Assurance
C. Quality Control
D. Auditors
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7
Which of the following Quality Management principle(s) are incorporated into the ISO 9001 standard?
A. System approach to management
B. Process approach
C. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
D. Factual approach decision making
E. All of the above

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 8
The level of quality can vary significantly from project to project. These levels of quality, which can be quantified and measured, are called:
A. Defect Density
B. Quality Attributes
C. Quality Control
D. Quality Assurance

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 9
The primary responsibility of quality lies with:
A. Project Manager
B. Senior Management
C. Testing Team
D. Developer

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 10
COTS software is normally developed prior to an organization selecting that software for its use.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 11
In the PDCA cycle, if a check detects an abnormality, then record the abnormality and continue the work per the procedure.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is NOT a QFD Horizontal Deployment?
A. Functional Deployment
B. Information Deployment
C. Customer Deployment
D. Task Deployment
Correct Answer: C
What early quality pioneer developed the “Quality Trilogy” of Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement?
A. William Perry
B. Joseph Juran
C. Dr. Deming
D. Philip Crosby
E. Bill Gates
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is considered a product measure?
A. Overall development time
B. Average level of experience of development staff
C. Rate time
D. Quality
E. Time spent fixing errors
Correct Answer: D
Example(s) of traditional management philosophy are:
A. Fire fighting
B. Refine the process
C. Teamwork
D. A and C
E. All the above
Correct Answer: A

SEI’s CMMi maturity level 5 is also known as:
A. Managed
B. Defined
C. Optimizing
D. Quantitatively Managed
Correct Answer: C
Which level(s) of the organization should be involved in both establishing and using processes in their daily work?
A. Senior
B. Mid-level
C. Junior
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18
It is generally agreed that people are the key to providing an adequate and appropriate level of security. One of the most effective methods for involving people in security is:
A. Write a security policy
B. Conduct security awareness training
C. Evaluate people on following security procedures
D. Write detailed security procedures
E. Develop security response programs

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 19
Process improvement activities should also be conducted as per a defined process.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 20
Good ideas are of little value unless they are accepted and implemented.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21
Which of the following defines special cause of variation?
A. Variation between the upper and lower control limits
B. Variation not present in the process
C. Conditions that regularly contribute to variability
D. Contributes a small portion to control variation of process outputs
E. Regular contributors to variability

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 22
Which of the following activities should occur before processes are defined to ensure that the most critical processes are defined first.
A. Do
B. Design
C. Implementation
D. Check
E. None of the above

Correct Answer: E
What should post-implementation audits NOT be used for?
A. Determine if system objectives were met
B. Determine if standards were followed
C. Determine who is to blame for project problems
D. Determine if IT quality objectives were achieved
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following processes is / are within the Defect Management level for maturing the Quality Control Processes?
A. Defect Database
B. Defect Reporting
C. Defect Analysis
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: D
What company developed the concept known as “Six Sigma Quality”?
B. Microsoft
C. Infosys
D. Apple
E. Motorola
Correct Answer: E
In critical listening, the listener is:
A. Sympathetic to the speaker’s point of view
B. Performing an analysis of what the speaker said
C. Selecting pieces of information
D. Getting a complete message with minimal distortion
E. None of the above
Correct Answer: B

A process is a vehicle of communication, specifying the methods used to produce:
A. A Service
B. A Product
C. Both Product and Service
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 28

When listening to a speaker, the speaker’s verbal, vocal, and body channels always convey the same message.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 29
Testing to determine whether current changes have adversely affected previous functionality is called:
A. Regression Testing
B. System Testing
C. Unit Testing
D. Acceptance Testing
E. Integration Testing

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 30
Branch testing technique is included in which of the following test data categories?
A. Functional
B. Structural
C. Error Oriented

Correct Answer: B

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