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What is a DB2 instance?
A. A DB2 instance is just another name for DB2 Database.
B. A DB2 instance is a copy of a database that can be accessed standalone from the database server.
C. A DB2 instance is a logical database manager environment where you catalog databases and set configuration parameters.
D. DB2 does not use instances. It requires only databases to operate.

Answer: C
Which of the following options best defines the Label-Based Access Control (LBAC) feature?
A. DB2 LBAC allows you to use labels to reference database objects by a short name instead of the full qualified name.
B. DB2 LBAC lets you decide exactly who has write/read access to individual rows and columns by comparing the security labels between database objects and users.
C. DB2 LBAC monitors table data access and tables modifications made by database users.
D. DB2 LBAC is the DB2 authority in charge of issuing GRANT and REVOKE statements.
Answer: B

Which one of the following options is CORRECT about Temporal Tables?
A. Temporal tables are complex to maintain and require major application changes.
B. Temporal tables require constant changes to the operating system timestamp in order to navigate through time in the database.
C. Temporal tables are used to model data in the past and present. They cannot be used to model data in the future.
D. Temporal tables are used to model data in the past, present, and future.
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 4

Which one of the following options is FALSE about DB2’s Multi-Temperature Data Storage capability?
A. You can use storage groups to implement multi-temperature data management in DB2.
B. Multi-temperature data management reduces the total cost of ownership by allowing efficient deployment of storage hardware with minimal administrative overhead.
C. Multi-temperature data management integrates with DB2’s Workload Manager feature to let you prioritize your workloads based on the data being accessed.
D. Multi-temperature data management best practices recommend that cold data should be stored in faster devices in order to maximize overall system performance.

Answer: D
Which one of the following options is TRUE about High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) feature?
A. HADR allows up to two HADR standby databases.
B. HADR allows up to three HADR standby databases.
C. HADR allows up to four HADR standby databases.
D. HADR allows up to five HADR standby databases.
Answer: B

What is the purpose of the Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) in DB2?
A. This feature reduces the task of configuring your DB2 server by continuously updating memory configuration parameters, resizing buffer pools, and dynamically determining the total amount of memory to be used by the database.
B. The purpose of this feature is for the system to deliver to you a report of database tuning recommendations so that you can update the configuration parameters by hand.
C. This feature detects memory expansion in the database and delivers a warning to the DBA to let them know when the database is nearing a threshold memory allocation limit.
D. STMM allows DBAs to inspect the current memory allocation by buffer pools.

Answer: A
DB2’s High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) feature provides a high availability solution for both partial and complete site failures. Given the sentences below, select the CORRECT statement about HADR.
A. HADR protects against data loss by saving data changes from a source database into a local recovery log file.
B. HADR protects against data loss by replicating data changes from a backup database file to a standby database.
C. HADR protects against data loss by replicating data changes from a source database, called the primary, to a target database, called the standby.
D. HADR feature is only available for DB2 Advanced Enterprise Edition.

Answer: C
What is the DB2 Design Advisor?
A. The DB2 Design Advisor is a tool that automatically analyzes your running database and continuously makes changes to your database to give it peak performance.
B. The DB2 Design Advisor is a help desk facility that is available to all licensed DB2 owners that have paid their maintenance agreements with IBM. The tool is a web site that guides you through the design of your database, with the DBA responding to a series of questions. It produces a database schema that allows for quick database creation.
C. The DB2 Design Advisor is a tool that can help you improve your database workload performance. Given a set of SQL statements in a workload, the Design Advisor can generate recommendations to improve the performance of SQL execution.
D. The DB2 Design Advisor is a tool that can be used to automatically create tables based on a physical data diagram.

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