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Name three benefits of the CSO Suite:
A. Market positioning: reduction in Average Handle Timer dispute resolution
B. Customer conversion, reduction in Average Handle Time, customer training
C. Cross-sell / up-sell, call avoidance, reduction in Average Handle Time
D. Improve site content, call avoidance, fraud forensics
Answer: B
Reference: 13)

Of the four brands that compose IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM), which two make up the bulk of EMM’s DMO capabilities?
A. Unica and Coremetrics
B. Unica and Tealeaf
C. Coremetrics and DemandTec
D. Coremetrics and Tealeaf
Answer: D

What is the product family that enables you to seamlessly integrate online customer experience data with other business application?
A. CSO Suite
B. CBA Suite
C. CX Mobile
D. cxConnect
Answer: D
Reference: cxconnect integration solutions)

Which applications do the CX Mobile support?
A. Native Apps and Mobile Site
B. HTML5, Hybrid Apps, and Native Apps
C. HTML5, Hybrid Apps, Native Apps, Mobile Site
D. HTML Native Apps, and Hybrid Apps
Answer: C
Reference: ge 1, see feature highlights)

What are the two key features of cxImpact?
A. Replay search and basic reporting
B. Replay and audits
C. Performance reporting and form conversion
D. Session history and summary reports
Answer: B

What market factors is this target audience looking to address with the DMO solution?
A. Data security
B. Privacy concerns
C. Just-In-Time inventory
D. Data explosion and social media
Answer: D


What types of content can be recommended via IBM Content Recommendations?
A. Complementary products and offers
B. Body text from product pages on a retail website
C. Videos, white papers and articles
D. Only those assets that have received high peer recommendations
Answer: C

The products in CBA Suite consists of all the following except:
A. cxReveal
B. cxView
C. cxResults
D. cxOverstat
E. cxImpact
Answer: A,C

The primary target buyer for Tealeaf Customer Service Optimization suite is:
A. VP Customer Service
B. VP E-Business
C. IT Manager
D. VP Marketing
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 10

What are some of the primary products involved in the DMO solution’s ability to deliver compelling personalization?
A. IBM Lifecycle and IBM AdTarget
B. IBM Digital Data Exchange and IBM Impression Attribution
C. IBM Digital Analytics on Premises
D. IBM Marketing Optimization and Interaction History
Answer: A

Name some of the metrics that marketers routinely track with DMO products?
A. Social and mobile throughput
B. Email open rate and conversion rate
C. Total hits and pages displayed
D. Return on direct mail
Answer: B

What is the best tool/tactic to sell Tealeaf (if a customer has a budget concern) as opposed to discounting the software?
A. Discount professional services
B. Sell Level 1 capabilities as described in the Tealeaf CEM Maturity Model
C. Offer unlimited professional services
D. Discount upgrades
E. All of the above
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 13

IBM LIVEmail serves what purpose for marketers?
A. LIVEmail is an email delivery tool that facilitates one-to-one customer interaction
B. LIVEmail helps marketers retarget high-value customers through ESP partner integrations
C. LIVEmail gives marketers the ability to conduct both email and direct mail campaigns
D. LIVEmail integrates with Benchmark to outline digital marketing ROI
Answer: C
Reference: ource=swg-smartercommerce-emm

What is the ROI for Customer Behavior Analysis, CBA Suite according to a Forrester report?
A. 300% to 400%
B. 400% to 500%
C. 500% to 600%
D. 600% to 700%
Answer: C

What is one benefit listed in the value proposition for the DMO solution’s customer profiles (LIVE Profiles)?
A. Instant insight into opt-in permissions
B. Provide a complete picture of customer interactions
C. Detailed history of a customer’s word-of-mouth activity
D. Ability to analyze customer sentiment and opinions
Answer: B

What is the visibility gap companies have without Tealeaf?
A. Companies cannot see the data they are capturing
B. Companies cannot see exactly why their customers are succeeding or failing on web site
C. Companies cannot see why their customers are not pulled in by marketing campaigns
D. Companies cannot see why customer support cannot increase transaction value
Answer: B
Reference: ge 2, third para)

Who does IBM typically target with its DMO solution?
A. Database Administrators
B. CMO/VP/Director of Marketing
C. Software Developers
D. IT Administrators
Answer: B

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