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A Storwize V7000 system with one control enclosure and three expansion enclosures at the local site is being replicated to a Storwize V7000 system with one control enclosure and two expansion enclosures at the remote site.
How many remote replication licenses need to be entered for the local site?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 18
An implementer is creating zoning to support Metro Mirror or Global Mirror between two Storwize V7000 systems.
Based on best practice what is the number of replication zones to create in each fabric?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 19
After collecting the logs from the Storwize V7000, where would an IT administrator submit the Storwize V7000 data for IBM support to analyze?
A. IBM Support portal
B. IBM Fix Central
C. ftp boulder
D. Enhanced Customer Data Repository

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 20
When performing the initial system setup for the Storwize V7000 which login credential are required the set up?
A. username: administrator – password admin0
B. username: admin – password: admin
C. username: superuser – password: password
D. username: root – password: Password

Correct Answer: C
A customer unpacks their new Storwize V7000 Along with the Storwize V7000 control enclosures find the following items: 2 x expansion enclosures 2 x 5m FC cables 4 x 1m SAS cables 24 x 600 GB HDDs
What additional item is required to install the system?
A. 1m FC cables
B. 3m SAS cable
C. IBM Storwize V7000 Quick Installation Guide
D. USB key

Correct Answer: D
During preparation for Storwize V7000 implementation, it is stated that the network security team isolates every subnet in the enterprise with its own firewall. Furthermore, the customer states that the default firewall policy is to reject all protocols.
To access the management GUI, what protocol must be allowed through the firewall isolating the Storwize V7000?

Correct Answer: A
As part of a Storwize V7000 implementation project twelve Global Mirror with Change Volume relationships are planned for creation. All twelve master volumes are contained in a single pool on the primary Storwize V7000 and all twelve auxiliary volumes are contained in a single pool on the secondary Storwize V7000. During implementation it is found that no more than six Global Mirror with Change Volume relationships can exist at one time.
Which of the following Storwize V7000 configuration changes will most likely resolve this issue?
A. Increase the number of primary and secondary volumes
B. Increase the size of the primary and secondary volumes
C. Increase the cycle time on Global Mirror with Change Volume relationships
D. Increase the size of the pools containing the primary and secondary volumes
Correct Answer: B
What action must be taken to receive timely updates automatically on firmware and flash updates/ releases?
A. Register to receive IBM My Notifications
B. Sign up for Fix Central notifications
C. Use the Storwi2e V7000 Call Home feature
D. Utilize the Storwize V7000 GUI for alert notifications

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 25
Where should the user go to in the GUI when IBM support requires additional diagnostic information?
A. Run svc_snap command
B. Go to Monitoring > Event
C. Go to Settings > Support > Download Support Package
D. Go to Settings > Support > Show full log listing

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 26
Which GUI volume preset should the storage administrator choose to minimize consumption of the storage pool while being closely related to the number of writes from the host?
A. Mirror
B. Thin-Provisioned
C. Thin Mirror
D. Generic

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 27
Beginning with V6.4.0 a Storwize V7000 can Virtualize another Storwize system What must be changed?
A. Layer attribute changed from factory default on the Storwize V7000
B. From the GUI – cluster the two systems together
C. Call IBM support for the licensing feature
D. Layer attribute changed from factory defaults on the virtualized Storwize system

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 28
An implementer has started the Storwize V7000 management GUI for the first time. What item is displayed automatically in the GUI?
A. Serial number
B. IBM’s email address for Gall Home support
C. Date and time
D. Licenses

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 29
An implementer is creating a clustered Storwize V7000 via the GUI The nodes of the second control enclosure need to be in what state?
A. Service mode
B. Candidate status

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