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CompTIA 220-902, 220-1001, 220-1002 Exam Questions:

CompTIA 220-902 exam practice questions 1-5

A technician is configuring a SOHO router to ensure network computers can only use secured protocols on the Internet.
Which of the following ports should be allowed?
A. 143
B. 23
C. 443
D. 3269
E. 3389
Correct Answer: C

The technician is dispatched to a multi-function device that users print and copy from all day. The technician is told
pages that are copied all have a line on them on the left hand side of the page. The technician prints a printer test page
and does not see the line on the page. The technician\\’s NEXT step would be which of the following?
A. Replace the toner cartridge to eliminate the lines.
B. Print from another workstation to recreate the problem.
C. Close the trouble ticket and document no trouble found.
D. Copy a printed page to recreate the problem.
Correct Answer: D

A technician is trying to remove a resilient computer virus. The virus keeps coming back after rebooting the system
because some program or service has locked some of the virus\\’ files and is preventing the AV from cleaning the
system. Which of the following is the BEST approach to try and remove the virus while minimizing negative impact to
the system?
A. Use REGSRV32 to deregister the virus DLLs.
B. Run the antivirus after rebooting in safe mode.
C. Use the repair disk and follow the prompts.
D. Use the recovery console to disable all windows services.
Correct Answer: B

A user reports the screen on a mobile device frequently dims even when the device settings are not being changed.
Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
A. Faulty backlight
B. High contrast mode
C. Auto-brightness
D. Power saving mode
Correct Answer: D

A technician is working on a user\\’s PC. After testing the theory of the cause, which of the following could the technician
perform NEXT? (Select TWO).
A. Resolve issue
B. Inform user
C. New theory or escalate
D. Document issue
E. Verify system functionality
Correct Answer: AC

CompTIA 220-1001 exam practice questions 1-5

A technician is configuring a new web server and must have over 10TB of fault-tolerant storage, while minimizing the
number of failure points. The applications on the server also require the highest performance available. Which of the
following configurations would the technician MOST likely select?
A. RAID 0 with 1500rpm 15TB drives
B. RAID 1 with 1000rpm 8TB drives
C. RAID 5 with 7200rpm 5TB drives
D. RAID 10 with 5400rpm 6TB drives
Correct Answer: D

A user accidentally spills liquid on a laptop. The user wants the device to be fixed and would like to know how much it
will cost.
Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT to verify if the device is repairable before committing to a
price? (Choose two.)
A. Remove the case and organize the parts.
B. Document the screw locations.
C. Search the Internet for repair tutorials.
D. Consult colleagues for advice.
E. Place the device in rice for a few days.
Correct Answer: AB

A user notices the system clock is changed every morning. The computer is shut down daily. A technician checks the
time zone and finds it is correct, and then checks the BIOS settings and finds the time to be incorrect.
Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?
A. The CMOS battery does not have a charge.
B. Daylight savings time is not enabled.
C. BIOS time is set to Universal Time Coordinated.
D. The NTP server has gone offline.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator has configured a server to host virtualizes instances. The requirements of each VM must be able to
scale automatically depending on peak and off-peak usage. Which of the following terms BEST describes this type of
cloud concept?
A. Over provisioning
B. Measured pooling
C. Resources pooling
D. Rapid elasticity
Correct Answer: A

A customer asks a technician to help set up a specialized computing system for video editing.
Which of the following should the technician install on the workstation to BEST meet the customer\\’s specifications?
(Choose two.)
B. Dual monitors
C. Gigabit NIC
D. Hypervisor
E. Docking station
Correct Answer: AB

CompTIA 220-1002 exam practice questions 1-5

A small business has an open wireless network so vendors can connect to the network without logging in. The business
owners are concerned that a nearby company is connecting and using the wireless connection without permission. If the
small business requires that the network remain open, which of the following configuration settings should be changed
to address these concerns?
A. Default SSID
B. MAC filtering
C. Power levels
D. Content filtering
E. Firewall
Correct Answer: C

A SOHO customer has recently experienced a major hurricane. The customer has no backups and has lost all data and
hardware associated with the company. The customer calls a contractor to assist in the rebuilding process and needs
suggestions on the best way to prevent this from happening again. Which of the following recommendations should the
contractor give to the customer? (Select two.)
A. Backup testing
B. Cloud storage
C. Local storage backups
D. Data recovery
E. Hot site
F. Waterproof devices
Correct Answer: BE

A user needs assistance setting up auto-sync on a Windows 8 phone. Which of the following tools is MOST appropriate
for this scenario?
A. Google Sync
B. OneNote
C. Dropbox
D. Amazon Cloud Sync
Correct Answer: A

During the firmware upgrade of a web server, a power outage occurred. The outage caused a failure within the upgrade.
Which of the following plans must be implemented to revert back to the most recent version of the firmware?
A. Backout plan
B. Contingency plan
C. Alternative plan
D. Backup plan
Correct Answer: D

Over the years a user has been accidentally creating copies of folders in a personal drive and as a result, there are now
hundreds of “copy of copy” folders dotted throughout the drive. Which of the following Windows command line tools
might a technician use to obtain a complete list of all the folders for use in a deletion script?
A. dir
B. 1s
C. rd
D. del
Correct Answer: D

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