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101 exam

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Which three tasks can you perform with Disk Utility? (Choose three).
A. Erase a CD-RW disk.
B. Determine disk usage by user name.
C. Verify and repair a UFS-formatted disk.
D. Create an encrypted partition on a hard disk.
E. Discover details about top-level directories on a FireWire disk drive.
F. Discover details about a FireWire drive such as size and configuration.

Correct Answer: ACF
To make a font available to Classic applications, install the font in ______________.
A. /User/Fonts
B. /Library/Fonts
C. /System Folder/Fonts
D. /System Library/Fonts
E. /System Folder/Font Book
Correct Answer: C
Mac OS X v10.3 administrator named “Certkiller” can view the details of a kernel panic in ____________.
A. /Library/Logs/kp.log
B. /Library/Logs/panic.log
C. /Users/Certkiller/Library/Logs/kp.log
D. /Users/Certkiller /Library/Logs/panic.log
Correct Answer: B
A disk image file ___________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. can be encrypted at the time it is created B. has the extension .img or .dmg by default
C. can only be created from the command line
D. is represented by a folder icon when mounted
E. can only be create by the System Administrator
F. may represent a compressed folder and its content

Correct Answer: ABF
Disk utility can display _______________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. a disk drive capacity
B. a list of partitions on a disk drive
C. the volume format of a mounted partition
D. the number of files in the system folder
E. the number of files on an unmounted partition
F. information about internal drives only, not external drives

Correct Answer: ABC
Suppose you are an administrator named “sandra”. To make a font available for all local users to access, install the font file in ______________.
A. /Users/Sandra/Library/Fonts
B. /System/Library/Fonts
C. /Users/Library/Fonts
D. /Library/Fonts

Correct Answer: D  100-105 dumps
The Repair Disk Permissions feature of Disk Utility can ONLY repair permissions_____________________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. on a volume with Mac OS X system software installed.
B. If the computer is booted from the Mac OS X Install disc
C. Of top-level directories, such as /System and /Users only
D. Of user-created files, by restoring them to a previously saved state
E. Of system files, by restoring their permissions to the default configuration

Correct Answer: AE
Which two directories will NOT exist by default on which you have installed Mac OS X v10.3 and added a single user named “Certkiller”? (Choose two.)
A. /Fonts
B. /Applications
C. /Library/Preferences
D. /System/Library/Caches
E. /Users/Certkiller/Documents
F. /Users/Certkiller/Library/Caches
G. /Users/Shared/Library/Caches
Correct Answer: AG QUESTION 36
Disk Utlity with Mac OS X v10.3 allows you to configure drives in RAID configurations of what level(s)?
A. Level 0 only
B. Level 1 only
C. Level 0 or 1
D. Level 1 or 5
E. Level 0, 1, or 5

Correct Answer: C
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By default in Mac OS X v10.3, you can use the Finder to______________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. Burn a CD
B. Create a disk image file
C. See every file in your home directory
D. To archive multiple items simultaneously using the Archive menu item
E. Empty the trash securely, so that data-recovery software cannot restore the files.

Correct Answer: ADE
In what order does Mac OS X v10.3 search for resources such as fonts?
A. ~/Library,/Library,/System/Library
B. /Library,~/Library,/System/Library
C. /System/Library,~/Library,/Library
D. ~/Library,/System/Library,/Library
E. /Library,/System/Library, ~/Library

Correct Answer: A
You can use ___________ to create disk image files.
A. CpMac
B. Image Disk
C. Disk Utility
D. Image Capture

Correct Answer: C
You are currently in the same directory as a file called ” Certkiller 3″. To view this file contents from the command line you can type ____________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. cat Certkiller 3
B. cat Certkiller \3
C. cat Certkiller \3
D. cat Certkiller \ 3
E. cat ” Certkiller 3″
Correct Answer: DE
Exhibit ls *.* You enter this command in a Terminal Window. Which file names would be listed in the output of the command? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Certkiller .exe
B. Index.html
C. Myfile
D. Hello
E. X

Correct Answer: AB
Which command is included with the Mac OS X Developer Tools, but NOT with a default installation of Mac OS X v10.3?
A. du
B. pwd
C. open
D. ditto
E. CpMac

Correct Answer: E
Which command is found on Mac OS X v10.3, as well as on other versions of UNIX?
A. system_profiler
B. ditto
C. ppen
D. ls

Correct Answer: D
A Mac OS X v10.3 user can view a file ownership and access permissions by _________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. viewing the file in Column View
B. using the ls -l command in the Terminal utility.
C. Pressing the Verify Permissions button in Disk Utility.
D. Selecting the file and choosing Get Info from the File menu.
E. Selecting the Permissions tab in the Apple System Profiler utility

Correct Answer: BD

101 exam

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