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Question: 26
When you move a folder, the objects within are also moved. What happens to the folder’s object rights?
A. The folder rights are set to the default View for Everyone.
B. The folder rights are set to the default Full Control for the Administrators group.
C. The folder retains the object rights of the original.
D. The folder inherits the object rights set on the new parent folder.
Answer: C

Question: 27
What is an advantage of scheduling List of Values (LOV) report objects to run on a regular basis? (Select the best option.)
A. Reduces time of retrieving records from the database when viewing a report that uses a prompt
B. Reduces load on the Input File Repository Server

Exam Name: Business Objects(TM) Enterprise Certified Professional XI 每 Level One
Exam Type: Business Objects
Exam Code: SABE201 Total Questions: 79

C. Reduces database hits by using saved values when generating prompt
D. Reduces load on the Output File Repository Server
Answer: C

Question: 28
Which two databases does the BusinessObjects Enterprise Central Management Server (CMS) maintain? (Choose two.)
A. Event
B. Config
C. Audit
D. System
Answer: C, D

Question: 29
Which two content management recommendations should you follow when designing your BusinessObjects Enterprise security model? (Choose two)
A. Assign security at the folder level to groups whenever possible to reduce complexity.
B. Grant the Everyone group No Access at the global level then grant specific rights to the desired groups.
C. Avoid Predefined Access Levels whenever possible to reduce complexity.
D. Set the Everyone group to Deny Access at the global level then grant specific rights to the desired groups at the folder levels.
Answer: A, B

Question: 30
Which BusinessObjects Enterprise component would you use to schedule List of Values (LOV) objects?
A. InfoView interface
B. Business View Manager
C. Central Configuration Manager
D. Central Management Console
Answer: B
Question: 31
Which two statements about Object inheritance rules are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Rights set at the global level override rights set at the folder level.
B. Top-level folders inherit rights set at the global level.
C. Objects inherit rights from their parent folders.
D. Rights inherited from the parent folder override explicit rights set at the object level.
Answer: B, C
Question: 32
Which statement about Category inheritance rules is correct?
A. A category may contain subcategories that inherit the rights of their parent category.
B. Objects in categories inherit the rights set on their parent categories.

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