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Exam Code: 70-357
Exam Name: Developing Mobile Apps
Q&As: 66

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70-357 dumps

If the organization has long-term working capital financing needs, it is better off financing needs with short
term financing under normal conditions.
A. True
B. False
70-357 exam Correct Answer: A
are variable in short-term and fixed in long-term under normal conditions for working capital.
A. Interest rates
B. Volatility risks
C. Profits
D. Interest costs

You have decided to measure the organization’s recruiting effectiveness in the long term by
calculating of turnover. Which of the following reasons represents the PRIMARY purpose of this
A. Improve quality of employee
B. Motivating employees effectively
C. Risk management
D. Assessing cost effectiveness of programs
70-357 dumps Answer: B
A company decide to purpose an international assignment program to fill a new position in its new
office Beijing, China. With the assistance of the human resources professional, the management,
team has finalized a list of selection criteria of the candidate for the role considering the entire
scope of the international assignment. During the interviewing process, they utilize various tools to
isolate out the success factors.
After deciding on the candidate and the individual accepting the offer, the human resources
professional with vendors to provide cross-cultural training prior to departure and plans all the
logistical details for the relocation. The human resources professional also assists the individual
and his family by providing contacts and setting up meetings with other expatriates in the host
country to orientate the expatriate before country, ie career deveploment, potential roles, personal
transition, etc. In this scenario, which of the following actions items were forgotten to ensure a
successful international assignment?
A. Plan for a successful repatriation
B. Provide ongoing support, while on assignment
C. Plan the international assignment as part of a process, not an activity
D. Provide appropriate training
Answer: B
Which of the following stages of globalization is an organization likely in if it is pursuing a
polycentric staffing approach?
A. Domestic
B. Global
C. Multinational
D. Transnational
70-357 pdf Answer: C

Which of the following BEST identifies the stages in the strategic planning process ?
A. Mission & Vision -> Determine Strategic Issues by performing a Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis,
& Benchmarking -> Strategy Formulation -> Strategy Implementation -> Evaluation & Control
B. Strategy Development -> Strategy Formulation -> Strategy Implementation -> Strategy
C. Mission & Objectives -> Strategy Formulation -> Environmental scanning -> Strategy
Implementation -> Evaluation & Control
D. Mission & Objectives -> Determine Action Plans -> Strategy Implementation -> Evaluation &
Answer: A
When assessing the gaps between actual and desired organizational performance, which of
following measures would NOT considered ?
A. Benchmarked results
B. Training and development
C. Individual assessment
D. Task assessment
70-357 vce Answer: B
Which of the following would a trainer emphasize in order to ensure that a training program
focused on developing skills for a particular job is valid ?
A. Survey comparable off-the-shelf programs
B. Interview incumbent
C. Interview managers
D. Analyze the job description and job specifications
Answer: D
You are preparing an on-assignment checklist for an individual going on an international
assignment. Which of the following items is the LEAST important to pursue ?
A. Creating avenues for communication
B. Identify school for children
C. Cross-cultural training
D. Moving/relocation services
70-357 exam Answer: B
Which of the following is NOT likely an issue a human resources professional would help a dual
career family to work though to determine the appropriateness of an international assignment for
the family at that time ?
A. How will the host country workers respond to a same sex family?
B. Will the accompanying spouse be able to find a job easily?
C. Will the employee consider commuting instead of moving the whole family to the host country?
D. How will the loss of income from one spouse impact the family and their finances?
Answer: A
Which of the following is a difference between the recruitment and selection of an individual for a
position in the home country vs. For an international assignment?
A. Cost-benefit analysis
B. Interviewing of family
C. Review of previous work samples, experience, etc.
D. Reference checking
70-357 dumps Answer: B

The HR Manager is creating an interactive training program on recruiting for a group of 20 R&D
managers as well as one for a group of 20 production line leads. Which of the following is NOT a
factor to consider bearing in mind these target audiences ?
A. R&D managers have probably had similar training in the past
B. Production line leads are probably kinesthetic learners
C. For the production line lead group, the best media to present this information is a video
D. The facilitator for the group of R&D managers should be a subject matter expert that can
express content as “A” causes “B” incidents
Answer: C
In which of the following situations do HR managers have the greatest impact on organizations?
A. Assume management roles on cross-functional projects
B. Actively participates in the long-term organizational strategic planning process
C. Providing legal counsel to managers
D. Evaluate and implement process improvements throughout an organization
70-357 pdf Answer: B

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