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Your customer has a requirement for trending and alerting information of their HP StoreOnce Backup system. How can your customer perform this function?
A. Install StoreOnce Enterprise Manager
B. Configure SNMP alerting.
C. Install HP OneView.
D. Configure reporting within the StoreOnce GUI.

Correct Answer: A
You need to implement the Secure Erase functionality on an HP StoreOnce 6500 Backup system. Which targets meet the requirements? (Select two.)
B. Service Set
D. Node
E. Catalyst

Correct Answer: CE
You need to replace a motherboard on an HP StoreOnce Multi-node couplet. Where do you find important information to note, required from the original motherboard, which you will need after the replacement?
A. Node Serial Number on the label
B. SAAP within the Controller Utility
C. UUID in the StoreOnce BIOS
D. Activation Key in the iL04 GUI

Correct Answer: D
You want to add more drives to an existing D6000 Drawer for an HP StoreOnce 6500 Backup system. How can you add the additional storage? (Select two.)
A. #hardware add storage
B. #hardware enable storage
C. #hardware update storage
D. #if hardware discover storage
E. #hardware set storage

Correct Answer: AE
Your customer has data security requirements. Which features provided by the HP StoreOnce Security Package will help the customer meet this requirement? (Select two.)
A. Secure Erase
B. in-flight backup encryption
C. secure host presentation
D. data-at-rest encryption
E. Encryption Key Management

Correct Answer: AD
When configuring an HP StoreOnce 4900 Backup system, your customer requires a fault tolerant network bond due to their network restrictions. Which bonding mode would best fit this situation?
A. Mode 1 (Active-Backup)
B. Mode 3 (Active-Passive)
C. Mode4 (LACP)
D. Mode 6 (Balance-ALB)

Correct Answer: B
Which features are offered in the HP StoreOnce 4900 and 6500 Backup systems? (Select two.)
A. active health logs in support tickets
B. high density storage units
C. Open Systems storage integration
D. 42U l-rack with intelligent rack position system
E. 512GB Smart memory (32 x 16GB)

Correct Answer: BD
After installing an HP StoreOnce 4900 Backup system, you want to check the component firmware. Which CLI command should you use?
A. firmware state
B. component update check
C. hardware show firmware
D. system show components

Correct Answer: C
Your customer wants to add their HP StoreOnce Backup device to an Active Directory domain. How can this task be completed?
A. from the StoreOnce WMI, from the NAS menu tree
B. from the CLI, using the system add security command
C. from the StoreOnce WMI, from the Catalyst menu tree
D. from the CLI, using the system set config command

Correct Answer: D
A customer has three HP StoreOnce 6500 Backup system couplets and wants to use the complete security feature set on four target devices. The customer needs to clarify which licenses to use and to activate within the StoreOnce CLI. What is the correct licensing for this environment?
A. one Security Appliance license per node pair, and one for the disk drawer
B. four security licenses, one for each store you want to encrypt
C. one data-at-rest and one Secure Erase license per node
D. three licenses of the StoreOnce Security Suite, one per couplet
Correct Answer: B

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