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The CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 guide collects all information about the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification exam. This study guide provides a series of goals and resources that will help you prepare for the SY0-501 safety+ exam project. In order to ensure success in the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, recommended updated SY0-501 exam dumps (SY0-501 Practice Test, SY0-501 Q&As: 1334).

CompTIA Security+ Exam Summary:

Vendor: CompTIA

Certifications: CompTIA Security+

Exam Code: SY0-501

Exam Name: CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

The CompTIA Security+ certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who want to build their career in the IT Security domain.

The CompTIA Security+ exam verifies that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of CompTIA Security Plus.

Update CompTIA SY0-501 Practice Test Questions

Which of the following BEST describes the concept of perfect forward secrecy?
A. Using quantum random number generation to make decryption effectively impossible
B. Preventing cryptographic reuse so a compromise of one operation does not affect other operations
C. Implementing elliptic curve cryptographic algorithms with truly random numbers
D. The use of NDAs and policy controls to prevent disclosure of company secrets
Correct Answer: B

A company is performing an analysis of the corporate enterprise network with the intent of identifying any one system,
person, function, or service that, when neutralized, will cause or cascade disproportionate damage to the company\\’s
revenue, referrals, and reputation.
Which of the following an element of the BIA that this action is addressing?
A. Identification of critical systems
B. Single point of failure
C. Value assessment
D. Risk register
Correct Answer: A

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) asks the security architect to design a method for contractors to access the
company\\’s internal wiki, corporate directory, and email services securely without allowing access to systems beyond
the scope of their project. Which of the following methods would BEST fit the needs of the CISO?
B. PaaS
C. laaS
Correct Answer: A


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CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 practice test question answers q1-q13

While performing surveillance activities, an attacker determines that an organization is using 802.1X to secure LAN
access. Which of the following attack mechanisms can the attacker utilize to bypass the identified network security?
A. MAC spoofing
B. Pharming
C. Xmas attack
D. ARP poisoning
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following threats has sufficient knowledge to cause the MOST danger to an organization?
A. Competitors
B. Insiders
C. Hacktivists
D. Script kiddies
Correct Answer: B

When systems, hardware, or software are not supported by the original vendor, it is a vulnerability known as:
A. system sprawl
B. end-of-life systems
C. resource exhaustion
D. a default configuration
Correct Answer: B

While performing a penetration test, the technicians want their efforts to go unnoticed for as long as possible while they
gather useful data about the network they are assessing. Which of the following would be the BEST choice for the
A. Vulnerability scanner
B. Offline password cracker
C. Packet sniffer
D. Banner grabbing
Correct Answer: C

An organization plans to transition the intrusion detection and prevention techniques on a critical subnet to an anomalybased system. Which of the following does the organization need to determine for this to be successful?
A. The baseline
B. The endpoint configurations
C. The adversary behavior profiles
D. The IPS signatures
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following BEST explains how the use of configuration templates reduces organization risk?
A. It ensures consistency of configuration for initial system implementation.
B. It enables system rollback to a last known-good state if patches break functionality.
C. It facilitates fault tolerance since applications can be migrated across templates.
D. It improves vulnerability scanning efficiency across multiple systems.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is the appropriate network structure used to protect servers and services that must be provided to
external clients without completely eliminating access for internal users?
D. Subnet
Correct Answer: C

A department head at a university resigned on the first day of the spring semester. It was subsequently determined that
the department head deleted numerous files and directories from the server-based home directory while the campus
was closed. Which of the following policies or procedures could have prevented this from occurring?
A. Time-of-day restrictions
B. Permission auditing and review
C. Offboarding
D. Account expiration
Correct Answer: C

A security analyst is assessing a small company\\’s internal servers against recommended security practices. Which of
the following should the analyst do to conduct the assessment? (Select TWO).
A. Compare configurations against platform benchmarks,
B. Confirm adherence to the company\\’s industry-specific regulations.
C. Review the company\\’s current security baseline,
D. Verify alignment with policy related to regulatory compliance
E. Run an exploitation framework to confirm vulnerabilities
Correct Answer: CE

Which of the following network vulnerability scan indicators BEST validates a successful, active scan?
A. The scan job is scheduled to run during off-peak hours.
B. The scan output lists SQL injection attack vectors.
C. The scan data identifies the use of privileged-user credentials.
D. The scan results identify the hostname and IP address.
Correct Answer: D

A systems developer needs to provide machine-to-machine interface between an application and a database server in
the production environment. This interface will exchange data once per day. Which of the following access control
account practices would BEST be used in this situation?
A. Establish a privileged interface group and apply read-write permission to the members of that group.
B. Submit a request for account privilege escalation when the data needs to be transferred.
C. Install the application and database on the same server and add the interface to the local administrator group.
D. Use a service account and prohibit users from accessing this account for development work.
Correct Answer: D

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CompTIA Network+ N10-007 practice test questions 1-13

A user reports network resources can no longer be accessed. The PC reports a link but will only accept static IP
addresses. The technician pings other devices on the subnet, but the PC displays the message Destination
unreachable. Which of the following are MOST likley the causes of this issue? (Select TWO).
A. Damaged cables
B. Crosstalk
C. Bent pins
D. TX/RX reverse
E. VLAN mismatch
F. Duplex mismatch
Correct Answer: CE

Matt, an administrator, notices a flood fragmented packet and retransmits from an email server. After disabling the TCP
offload setting on the NIC, Matt sees normal traffic with packets flowing in sequence again. Which of the following
utilities was he MOST likely using to view this issue?
A. Spam filter
B. Protocol analyzer
C. Web application firewall
D. Load balancer
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is a secure way to connect to a device?
Correct Answer: D

The network optimization process used to allow reasonable use of data, voice, and video on the same network
infrastructure is called:
B. QoS
C. Traffic shaping.
D. Fault tolerance.
Correct Answer: B

A network technician is installing a new network switch is looking for an appropriate fiber optic patch cable. The fiber
optic patch panel uses a twist-style connector. The switch uses a SFP module. Which of the following connector types
should the fiber patch cable have?
Correct Answer: B

A network technician needs to set up an access method for Ann, a manager, to work from home. Ann needs to locally
mapped corporate resources to perform her job. Which of the following would provide secure access to the corporate
A. Utilize an SSH connection to the corporate server.
B. Use TFTP to transfer files to corporate resources.
C. Allow RDP through an external firewall.
D. Connect utilizing client-to-site VPN.
Correct Answer: D

A network technician is configuring user\\’s access to a VPN concentrator and has advised to use a protocol that
supports encryption over UDP. Which of the following protocols has the technician MOST likely configured for client
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following BEST describes how a layer 2 switch functions?
A. Switches packets within the same subnet based on MAC addresses
B. Switches packets between different subnets based on IP addresses
C. Switches packets between different subnets based on MAC addresses
D. Switches packets between different subnets based on MAC addresses
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following devices, if implemented, would result in decreased administration time of an 802.11 network
running centralized authentication services? (Choose two.)
A. VPN concentrator
B. Proxy server
C. Wireless controller
D. RADIUS server
E. Multilayer switch
Correct Answer: CD

A technician is setting up a firewall on the network that would show a public IP address out to the Internet and assign
private IP addresses to users inside the network. Which of the following processes should be set up?
A. Port security
B. MAC filtering
Correct Answer: D

A network technician notices that most of the nodes in the address space return either 1 or 2 node hop
after running a tracert, however, some of the new servers are showing a hop count larger than
A. New servers are being provisioned in the cloud.
B. Those servers have host-based firewalls.
C. Some of the servers are configured to use different gateways.
D. Part of the subnet is configured to use different VLANs.
Correct Answer: A

In the past, users brought personal laptops to the office to bypass some of the security protocols on their desktops. Due
to new security initiatives, management has asked that users not be allowed to attach personal devices to the network.
Which of the following should a technician use to BEST meet this goal?
A. Shut down unused ports on switches
B. Upgrade firmware on network devices
C. Allow only secure protocols on the network
D. Disable unnecessary services
Correct Answer: C

A consulting company was hired to project and deploy a new datacenter in a different city. This new facility must have
the same components installed as the current datacenter to be ready to take over all the network services as soon as
the primary site becomes unavailable. Which of the following describes what will be deployed in the new location?
A. Cold site
B. Hot site
C. Warm site
D. Off-site backup
E. Infrastructure as a service
Correct Answer: B

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CompTIA 220-902 exam practice questions 1-5

A technician is configuring a SOHO router to ensure network computers can only use secured protocols on the Internet.
Which of the following ports should be allowed?
A. 143
B. 23
C. 443
D. 3269
E. 3389
Correct Answer: C

The technician is dispatched to a multi-function device that users print and copy from all day. The technician is told
pages that are copied all have a line on them on the left hand side of the page. The technician prints a printer test page
and does not see the line on the page. The technician\\’s NEXT step would be which of the following?
A. Replace the toner cartridge to eliminate the lines.
B. Print from another workstation to recreate the problem.
C. Close the trouble ticket and document no trouble found.
D. Copy a printed page to recreate the problem.
Correct Answer: D

A technician is trying to remove a resilient computer virus. The virus keeps coming back after rebooting the system
because some program or service has locked some of the virus\\’ files and is preventing the AV from cleaning the
system. Which of the following is the BEST approach to try and remove the virus while minimizing negative impact to
the system?
A. Use REGSRV32 to deregister the virus DLLs.
B. Run the antivirus after rebooting in safe mode.
C. Use the repair disk and follow the prompts.
D. Use the recovery console to disable all windows services.
Correct Answer: B

A user reports the screen on a mobile device frequently dims even when the device settings are not being changed.
Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
A. Faulty backlight
B. High contrast mode
C. Auto-brightness
D. Power saving mode
Correct Answer: D

A technician is working on a user\\’s PC. After testing the theory of the cause, which of the following could the technician
perform NEXT? (Select TWO).
A. Resolve issue
B. Inform user
C. New theory or escalate
D. Document issue
E. Verify system functionality
Correct Answer: AC

CompTIA 220-1001 exam practice questions 1-5

A technician is configuring a new web server and must have over 10TB of fault-tolerant storage, while minimizing the
number of failure points. The applications on the server also require the highest performance available. Which of the
following configurations would the technician MOST likely select?
A. RAID 0 with 1500rpm 15TB drives
B. RAID 1 with 1000rpm 8TB drives
C. RAID 5 with 7200rpm 5TB drives
D. RAID 10 with 5400rpm 6TB drives
Correct Answer: D

A user accidentally spills liquid on a laptop. The user wants the device to be fixed and would like to know how much it
will cost.
Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT to verify if the device is repairable before committing to a
price? (Choose two.)
A. Remove the case and organize the parts.
B. Document the screw locations.
C. Search the Internet for repair tutorials.
D. Consult colleagues for advice.
E. Place the device in rice for a few days.
Correct Answer: AB

A user notices the system clock is changed every morning. The computer is shut down daily. A technician checks the
time zone and finds it is correct, and then checks the BIOS settings and finds the time to be incorrect.
Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?
A. The CMOS battery does not have a charge.
B. Daylight savings time is not enabled.
C. BIOS time is set to Universal Time Coordinated.
D. The NTP server has gone offline.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator has configured a server to host virtualizes instances. The requirements of each VM must be able to
scale automatically depending on peak and off-peak usage. Which of the following terms BEST describes this type of
cloud concept?
A. Over provisioning
B. Measured pooling
C. Resources pooling
D. Rapid elasticity
Correct Answer: A

A customer asks a technician to help set up a specialized computing system for video editing.
Which of the following should the technician install on the workstation to BEST meet the customer\\’s specifications?
(Choose two.)
B. Dual monitors
C. Gigabit NIC
D. Hypervisor
E. Docking station
Correct Answer: AB

CompTIA 220-1002 exam practice questions 1-5

A small business has an open wireless network so vendors can connect to the network without logging in. The business
owners are concerned that a nearby company is connecting and using the wireless connection without permission. If the
small business requires that the network remain open, which of the following configuration settings should be changed
to address these concerns?
A. Default SSID
B. MAC filtering
C. Power levels
D. Content filtering
E. Firewall
Correct Answer: C

A SOHO customer has recently experienced a major hurricane. The customer has no backups and has lost all data and
hardware associated with the company. The customer calls a contractor to assist in the rebuilding process and needs
suggestions on the best way to prevent this from happening again. Which of the following recommendations should the
contractor give to the customer? (Select two.)
A. Backup testing
B. Cloud storage
C. Local storage backups
D. Data recovery
E. Hot site
F. Waterproof devices
Correct Answer: BE

A user needs assistance setting up auto-sync on a Windows 8 phone. Which of the following tools is MOST appropriate
for this scenario?
A. Google Sync
B. OneNote
C. Dropbox
D. Amazon Cloud Sync
Correct Answer: A

During the firmware upgrade of a web server, a power outage occurred. The outage caused a failure within the upgrade.
Which of the following plans must be implemented to revert back to the most recent version of the firmware?
A. Backout plan
B. Contingency plan
C. Alternative plan
D. Backup plan
Correct Answer: D

Over the years a user has been accidentally creating copies of folders in a personal drive and as a result, there are now
hundreds of “copy of copy” folders dotted throughout the drive. Which of the following Windows command line tools
might a technician use to obtain a complete list of all the folders for use in a deletion script?
A. dir
B. 1s
C. rd
D. del
Correct Answer: D

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  • Set up a computer workstation running Windows and use basic software applications.
  • Understand the functions and types of devices used within a computer system.
  • Apply basic computer maintenance and support principles.
  • Understand some principles of software and database development.
  • Configure computers and mobile devices to connect to home networks and to the internet.
  • Identify security issues affecting the use of computers and networks.

CompTIA Certifications:

Complete list of CompTIA exams:

Latest effective CompTIA FC0-U61 Exam Practice Tests

Which of the following is an example of multifactor authentication? 
A. Password and passphrase 
B. Fingerprint and retina scan 
C. Hardware token and smartphone 
D. Smart card and PIN 
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following would be used to send messages using the SMTP protocol? 
A. Document sharing software 
B. Instant messaging software 
C. Conferencing software 
D. Email software 
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following intellectual property concepts BEST represents a legally protected slogan of a business? 
A. Contract 
B. Patent 
C. Copyright 
D. Trademark 
Correct Answer: D

An administrator grants permission for a user to access data in a database. Which of the following actions was
A. Data correlation 
B. Data manipulation 
C. Data gathering 
D. Data definition 
Correct Answer: D

A user is buying a laptop. The user will have a lot of personal and confidential information on the laptop. The user wants
to ensure data cannot be accessed by anyone, even if the laptop is stolen. Which of the following should be set up to
accomplish this? 
A. Encryption 
B. Compression 
C. Permissions 
D. Auditing 
Correct Answer: A

A user is attempting to print a document to a wireless printer and receives an error stating the operation could not be
completed. Which of the following should the user do to correct this issue? 
A. Ensure both devices are connected to the LAN. 
B. Enable task scheduling. 
C. Reset the proxy settings to their default values. 
D. Review the fault tolerance configurations. 
Correct Answer: A

A systems administrator wants to return results for a time range within a database. Which of the following commands
should the administrator use? 
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following data types should a developer use when creating a variable to hold a postal code? 
A. Integer 
B. String 
C. Float 
D. Boolean 
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is primarily a confidentiality concern? 
A. Eavesdropping 
B. Impersonating 
C. Destructing 
D. Altering 
Correct Answer: A

Malware infections are being caused by websites. Which of the following settings will help prevent infections caused by
Internet browsing? 
A. Turn on private browsing 
B. Delete browsing history on program close. 
C. Notify when downloads are complete. 
D. Configure prompting before downloading content. 
Correct Answer: D

A developer is creating specific step-by-step instructions/procedures and conditional statements that will be used by a
computer program to solve problems. Which of the following is being developed? 
A. Algorithm 
B. Software 
C. Pseudocode 
D. Flowchart 
Correct Answer: A

A programmer needs to store output in a place that can be accessed as quickly as possible. The data does not need to
remain persistent. Which of the following is the BEST option for storing the data? 
A. Flat file 
B. Memory 
C. Relational database 
D. Solid state drive 
Correct Answer: A

A desktop administrator just connected a printer to a workstation, but the workstation does not recognize the printer.
Which of the following does the workstation MOST likely need for the printer to function? 
A. Permission 
B. Ink cartridge 
C. USB cable 
D. Driver 
Correct Answer: D

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About the exam

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam focuses on the essential IT skills and knowledge needed to perform tasks commonly performed by advanced end-users and entry-level IT professionals alike, including:

  • Using features and functions of common operating systems and establishing network connectivity
  • Identifying common software applications and their purpose
  • Using security and web browsing best practices

This exam is intended for candidates who are advanced end users and/or are considering a career in IT. The exam is also a good fit for individuals interested in pursuing professional-level certifications, such as A+.

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CompTIA TK0-201 Exams, Download CompTIA TK0-201 Dumps Sale

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Question: 26
When you move a folder, the objects within are also moved. What happens to the folder’s object rights?
A. The folder rights are set to the default View for Everyone.
B. The folder rights are set to the default Full Control for the Administrators group.
C. The folder retains the object rights of the original.
D. The folder inherits the object rights set on the new parent folder.
Answer: C

Question: 27
What is an advantage of scheduling List of Values (LOV) report objects to run on a regular basis? (Select the best option.)
A. Reduces time of retrieving records from the database when viewing a report that uses a prompt
B. Reduces load on the Input File Repository Server

Exam Name: Business Objects(TM) Enterprise Certified Professional XI 每 Level One
Exam Type: Business Objects
Exam Code: SABE201 Total Questions: 79

C. Reduces database hits by using saved values when generating prompt
D. Reduces load on the Output File Repository Server
Answer: C

Question: 28
Which two databases does the BusinessObjects Enterprise Central Management Server (CMS) maintain? (Choose two.)
A. Event
B. Config
C. Audit
D. System
Answer: C, D

Question: 29
Which two content management recommendations should you follow when designing your BusinessObjects Enterprise security model? (Choose two)
A. Assign security at the folder level to groups whenever possible to reduce complexity.
B. Grant the Everyone group No Access at the global level then grant specific rights to the desired groups.
C. Avoid Predefined Access Levels whenever possible to reduce complexity.
D. Set the Everyone group to Deny Access at the global level then grant specific rights to the desired groups at the folder levels.
Answer: A, B

Question: 30
Which BusinessObjects Enterprise component would you use to schedule List of Values (LOV) objects?
A. InfoView interface
B. Business View Manager
C. Central Configuration Manager
D. Central Management Console
Answer: B
Question: 31
Which two statements about Object inheritance rules are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Rights set at the global level override rights set at the folder level.
B. Top-level folders inherit rights set at the global level.
C. Objects inherit rights from their parent folders.
D. Rights inherited from the parent folder override explicit rights set at the object level.
Answer: B, C
Question: 32
Which statement about Category inheritance rules is correct?
A. A category may contain subcategories that inherit the rights of their parent category.
B. Objects in categories inherit the rights set on their parent categories.

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When an instructor is trying to gather information from learners about a subject, which of the following question types can be asked?
A. Closed-ended
B. Open-ended
C. Clarifying
D. True/false

Correct Answer: B
An instructor wants to quickly evaluate learner knowledge after an exercise. Which of the following methods would BEST achieve this?
A. Give a written exam on the topic.
B. Have the learners perform an additional exercise on the topic
C. Ask the learners random questions about the topic.
D. Have the learners engage in a group discussion of the topic.

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is an essential technique for holding a learner’s attention?
A. Providing a model for professional and interpersonal behavior
B. Using humorous stories to interest learners in the course content
C. Asking open-ended questions and allowing sufficient time for learners to elaborate on their responses
D. Using eye contact to engage learners when making an oral presentation

Correct Answer: D
After teaching a very long block of instruction before lunch, the instructor wants to check how well the learners have learned the material. Which of the following methods is the BEST to accomplish this goal?
A. Have the learners answer review questions about the block of instruction
B. Have each learner recite what was said during the block of instruction
C. Give the learners home work that night and go over it the next day
D. Put the learners in groups to discuss the instruction that was taught.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor completed the required content of a technical course early. The instructor decided to fill the time by writing tasks on the board and assigning them to individual students. A timeline was provided for the overall task completion and all students were expected to apply their new knowledge to the task assigned. The instructor then proceeded to work on plans for the next course in this situation, which of the following statements about the appropriateness of the activity is true?
A. It was appropriate because use of the exercises covered the gap in the timing of the course.
B. It was appropriate because the students were given a frame of reference upon which to apply what they learned.
C. It was inappropriate because it placed a heavy burden on students to successfully complete the exercise.
D. It was inappropriate because it did not offer students a stated learning result applicable to their experience

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 41
Pause at an appropriate place during a presentation can contribute to: (Select TWO)
A. Reviewing the material
B. Maintaining consistent behavior
C. Adding emphasis to a statement
D. Pronouncing words properly
E. Assessing learner’s level of interest

Correct Answer: CE
Prior to a course an instructor remembers that learners always challenge a topic’s technical accuracy. Which of the following actions should the instructor take in order to avoid this?
A. Allow the learners to decide on a resolution.
B. Omit the topic from the course.
C. Tell the learners that controversy on this topic is normal
D. Produce authoritative references.

Correct Answer: D
An instructor gives several tests over the course of the class. The tests given should focus on:
A. The prerequisites of the course
B. The syllabus objectives
C. Knowledge learned
D. Objectives covered

Correct Answer: D
A contract instructor is preparing training materials for a corporate client. The corporate client has supplied standardized material, but wishes to tailor it for their particular needs. Which of the following steps would BEST address this situation?
A. Use the standardized material and supply the learners with supplemental visual aids,
B. Modify the standardized materials as necessary to suit the expectations of the corporate client.
C. Use the standardized material and explain how this material will be sufficient to meet their needs
D. Ask the corporate client to supplement the material after the class.

Correct Answer: B
An instructor is delivering a course with limited time and has learners with various skill levels. Which of the following would the instructor do to BEST follow up any needs of the learners?
A. Offer fee based consulting for the program
B. Divide the class into groups with similar skill sets
C. Provide additional material on the technology
D. Contract for additional training time

Correct Answer: C
An instructor was preparing for a one-hour virtual class anticipating that several questions would come up during the event. Which of the following steps should the instructor take to prepare for this session?
A. Conduct a pre-course assessment to defer any questions
B. Ask all participants to hold questions until the end to manage time
C. Prepare answers to common questions ahead of time
D. Only allow five minutes for questions at the beginning of the training

Correct Answer: C
An instructor is teaching a beginner topic. Most of the learners explain that they are already familiar with the course content. Which of the following should the instructor do?
A. Continue the class as planned assuring completion of current course objectives
B. Ask the advanced learners what they would like to cover in the course and then change objectives based on advanced learner’s requests.
C. Ask the experienced learners to return for a more advanced course
D. Modify the curriculum as necessary to fulfill student expectations while still meeting course objectives.

Correct Answer: D
While giving an overhead presentation the projector being used powers off. Which of the following is the FIRST course of action?
A. Take a break and have technical support address the problem.
B. Lecture from the instructor notes until the next break.
C. Dismiss the class until the projector can be fixed.
D. Have technical support correct the problem immediately during class

Correct Answer: B
An instructor is contracted to teach a highly technical on-site course. The instructor walks into a classroom filled with learners from various backgrounds. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?
A. Ask each student about their level of knowledge about the content in order to tailor the courseware
B. Incorporate more demonstrations during course delivery to make the content more interesting.
C. Immediately discuss the nature of the situation with the course contact and ask how much of the content should actually be taught
D. Reschedule the class after a skills assessment to better prepare for the class.
Correct Answer: A

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While facilitating a class an instructor uses a variety of questioning techniques. Which of the following BEST describes the benefits?
A. Challenges learners, involves them and helps to monitor their progress.
B. Establishes an environment that supports learning, and maintains focus on meeting stated learning objectives
C. Facilitates group dynamics in a positive way, while encouraging respectful interactions.
D. Keeps the learners engaged as to what is coming next and conveys the importance of their knowledge.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor is conducting a virtual class and finds that several learners do not have computer systems that actually meet the guidelines for the course. Due to this, certain required shared applications will not work for them. Which of the following represents the BEST action for the instructor?
A. Contact the course coordinator to remind learners of the requirements
B. Remove the sharing of applications as the entire class cannot participate.
C. Change the applications that are shared to ones that are compatible to all systems
D. Request the learners use systems that are compatible with the course.

Correct Answer: D
An instructor asks a question and a learner provides an incorrect answer that has nothing to do with the question asked. Which of the following is the BEST response?
A. Ask another learner to provide an answer to the question.
B. Repeat the question exactly as originally stated.
C. Rephrase the question completely and ask it again.
D. Reprimand the learner for their response.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor is preparing to start a class where several learners have arrived late due to bad weather. The general mood of the learners is poor. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this situation?
A. Use humor that will create a positive mood.
B. Tell the learners that the class will run late that day
C. Have the learners introduce themselves.
D. Proceed with the course material.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor wants to demonstrate a technical topic that requires a certain procedure. Which of the following is the BEST way to achieve this?
A. Have the learners brainstorm ideas on the topic.
B. Have the learners role play the topic.
C. Hold an open discussion on the topic.
D. Show the learners via a desktop sharing demonstration.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6

A contract instructor has been hired to teach a course with twelve learners. After surveying the learners it is identified that half of the class is not familiar with the subject being taught. Which of the following should the instructor do to help the entire class achieve success?
A. Contact the training manager for suggestions on how to proceed.
B. Teach to the more experienced learners; the others will catch up.
C. Make the six learners that already know the material wait until the other learners catch up
D. Cancel the class and then divide the class into two difference courses.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor has a class of learners who are required to attend. Most of the learners are not paying attention or participating. Which of the following will increase the level of learner motivation?
A. Explain to the learners that the material is really interesting and they might want to pay attention.
B. Ask the learners if there is something more relevant they would prefer to learn.
C. Explain to the learners the skills they learn by taking this class could lead to career benefits.
D. Explain to the learners that they are only in class for a few days, and to make the best of it.

Correct Answer: C
The Human Resources department is conducting a class for new employees when the air conditioning stops working. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?
A. Report the incident to the maintenance department
B. Tell the employees it is not unbearable and continue with the course
C. Cancel the class and reschedule the class for another time.
D. Continue on with the instruction ignoring the temperature issue.

Correct Answer: A
At the beginning of a training session, a trainer instructed the learners to use Brand X computers because the instructional design assumes Brand X computers. Many learners objected. They felt that since they will be using Brand Y computers at work, they should work on Brand Y computers in the room. If the instructor needs to use Brand X computers to instruct, which of the following is the MOST appropriate way to respond to the learners’ need to be able to apply course materials to job requirements?
A. First explain to the class how the materials apply to Brand X. and then do the same for Brand Y
B. Do not mention either brand by name, but refer learners to the manual covering each of the respective brands.
C. Provide a guide that relates Brand X to Brand Y computer functions
D. After providing the planned instruction on the Brand X computers, discuss differences that Brand Y computers present to the user.
Correct Answer: D
Learners are MOST likely to learn a skill successfully when a topic is presented:
A. In a cluster with other, similar skills
B. Just in time for the learner to apply it
C. As part of a summary of related skills
D. As part of a review session prior to an examination

Correct Answer: B
An instructor uses multiple forms of media to help the class understand a difficult topic. Unfortunately learners are still having a hard time with the concept. Noticing difficulty, the instructor creates another learning tool to explain the topic another way. Which of the following BEST describes the skill the instructor is using?
A. Create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion
B. Plan and use a variety of reinforcement techniques during training
C. Adapt learning methods as intended by the course designers
D. Enhance, substitute or create media as appropriate

Correct Answer: D
An instructor is leading a virtual class when several learners start having significant bandwidth issues that cause them to drop out of the live session. Which of the following represents the BEST solution to the problem?
A. Inform the learners that most of the same material will be covered in the next class session.
B. Have the learners watch a recorded session of the class.
C. Request that those learners with bandwidth issues be moved to an in-person live class,
D. Cancel the current session and schedule a make-up class.

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following statements BEST describes the value of using a variety of question types during instruction?
A. Regularly asking questions during a course helps to identify those that are paying attention.
B. Effective use of questions will enhance learners’ conceptual understanding; encourage deep thinking and meaningful participation.
C. Using a variety of questions during instruction prevents anyone in the group from becoming disinterested with the same question types.
D. Questions asked often during a course will keep learners engaged, it is not important if they do not know the correct answer.

Correct Answer: B
After a training class was completed, the instructor conducted several passive on the job observations of each learner who attended the class. Which of the following is the primary benefit of the observations?
A. It measures the application of the skills taught.
B. It validates the quality of the course material.
C. It requires the learners to use what they learned.
D. It helps to reinforce the learning concepts.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor asks an open-ended question to the class. Which of the following BEST describes the skill the instructor is demonstrating?
A. Plan and use a variety of reinforcement techniques during training.
B. Elicit learner feedback on the adequacy of instructor responses.
C. Provide feedback that is specific to learners needs.
D. Create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion.

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following would be on an evaluation when seeking feedback concerning courseware material used during a class?
A. Design of the courseware materials
B. Accuracy of the courseware
C. Cost of the courseware
D. Instructor’s use of the courseware

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following describes a form of feedback with the GREATEST positive impact?
A. Suggestions that focus on procedures versus the concepts
B. Measurable results from summative assessments
C. Specific comments on errors with suggestions on how to improve
D. Comparing learner performance with other learners

Correct Answer: C
An instructor is conducting a review of written instructions and is aware that the preferred learning style of one of the learners is kinesthetic. Which of the following is the BEST choice for the instructor?
A. Adjust the delivery of the review to include more graphs and charts as part of the exercise.
B. Administer an exam to verify learner’s knowledge of the material.
C. Deliver the curriculum as defined in the documentation so that the rest of the class does not fall behind.
D. Adjust the delivery of the review to include a demonstration as part of the exercise.

Correct Answer: D
During a computer software training class the projector fails. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?
A. Attempt to quickly fix the projector.
B. Move the class to another room.
C. Take a class break and find another projector.
D. Cancel the class and reschedule for a later date.

Correct Answer: A
A company is preparing to roll-out a training course on advanced accounting skills. The company has asked a contract instructor to facilitate the course. The instructor has no background in accounting. Which of the following should the instructor do?
A. Ask to team teach the course with an expert
B. Accept the offer contingent upon six weeks of preparation time
C. Decline the offer based on lack of knowledge of accounting principles
D. Accept the offer and learn the content by observing accounting experts

Correct Answer: C
An instructor is conducting a virtual classroom with an international audience and finds that any single method used for delivery of the material leaves about a third of the learners uninvolved. Which of the following is the BEST course of action?
A. Send out a public message to the class asking which method of delivery is working best for the class
B. Send out a private message to each learner asking which method of delivery is working best for them
C. Query for commonalities amongst the learners,
D. Continue to use multiple means of delivery

Correct Answer: D
An instructor is beginning a course and wants to measure the level of expertise of the learners. Which of the following is the BEST method for measuring the level of understanding over the course material?
A. Ask the learners about their level of understanding over the course material.
B. Assume that the class has a medium level of understanding over the course material.
C. Deliver a pre-test covering the course objectives.
D. Ask another instructor who has taught the learners before.

Correct Answer: C
An instructor is discussing key material for a course when a learner asks a question that will lead to material that the class is not yet prepared for. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor?
A. Inform the learner that the question can be asked during a break
B. Answer the question as not doing so may cause the learner to be confused.
C. Defer the question and assure the learner that it will be covered later in the course.
D. Inform the learner that the question falls outside of scope and will not be answered.

Correct Answer: C
An instructor receives poor evaluations for a particular class. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST to improve the performance?
A. Read the comments to gain understanding of the low scores to find specific areas to work on.
B. Re-develop the course from scratch.
C. Practice the course in front of other instructors to receive direct feedback on how to improve.
D. Contact each learner and ask for clarity on their responses.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor is presenting to a class and notices that a particular learner is not paying attention; however, when the instructor gives a pop quiz, this learner earns the best grade. Which of the following BEST describes the situation?
A. The quiz did not cover the class concepts effectively
B. The learner has mastery of the information tested.
C. The quiz motivated the learner.
D. The answers to the pop quiz were distributed prior to class

Correct Answer: B
At the end of a class, the instructor provides an online evaluation of the course to the learners. Which of the following is MOST appropriate to put on the evaluation? (Select TWO).
A. Instructor’s presentation abilities
B. Accessibility of the facility
C. Technical accuracy of the course material
D. Amount of time the learner studied for the course
E. Job title of the learner

Correct Answer: AC
An instructor delivering a class with thirty learners defines acceptable and non-acceptable behavior at the beginning of the class on the first day. The instructor also requests learners to be on time. The second day of class a few learners show up late to class. Which of the following is the BEST course of action to take to resolve this issue?
A. Start the class and as each late learner comes in, thank them for joining the class.
B. Wait to start the class until all the learners have arrived and are react to start.
C. Once all the learners have arrived, remind the learners of all the class policies.
D. Begin class on time and privately talk with the learners who were late.

Correct Answer: D
An instructor has placed the learners into groups to discuss several topics. When the instructor walked around to monitor the group progress, the learners were off-task. Which of the following contributes MOST frequently to this situation?
A. The learners were disinterested in group discussions about the topics.
B. The learners were neither familiar with nor understood the assigned topics.
C. The learners were not comfortable with the members of the group.
D. The learners were ready for a break and the instructor failed to recognize this.

Correct Answer: B
While conducting a class the power goes out. After an hour it is restored. Which of the following would be the BEST method of delivering the remainder of the course?
A. Condense the remaining topics.
B. Reduce the break time for the remainder of the day to catch-up on the missed material
C. Give the learners home work to do independent study on the missed material.
D. Have the learners stay late to make-up for the missed course time.
Correct Answer: A
A learner responds incorrectly to an instructor’s question. Which of the following is the BEST response?
A. The instructor should answer the question in order to maintain the self-confidence of the learner
B. Be honest and tell the learner the answer was incorrect.
C. Thank the participant for trying and desk if someone could help out.
D. Move quickly to the next question so the learner will not feel embarrassed.

Correct Answer: C
In a virtual classroom, which of the following would be the BEST reason for an instructor to poll the learners?
A. Allows the instructor to deliver exams to each student
B. Allows the learners to interact with one another
C. Allows the instructor to survey the class
D. Allows the instructor to see which learners are participating

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is an advantage of using the open questioning technique?
A. It allows the questioning period to proceed quickly and effectively.
B. It allows qui ck assessment of learner knowledge in a virtual environment.
C. It creates opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion.
D. It provides an opportunity for the first learner to respond, to direct the discussion.

Correct Answer: C
When delivering lecture in a virtual classroom environment, an instructor should:
A. Use markup tools (e.g. highlighter) to guide the learners focus.
B. Record as much as possible ahead of time to avoid misspeaking.
C. Use open-ended questions to facilitate discussion.
D. Only use live video as a backup plan due to bandwidth restrictions.

Correct Answer: A
An instructor notices that the course participants are sluggish, engaging in side conversations and appear somewhat distracted. Which of the following should the instructor do to reengage the learners? (Select TWO).
A. The instructor should give a quiz to see if the learners retained information so far.
B. The instructor should use an energizing activity as a redirector.
C. The instructor should tell the learners why it is important to pay attention at all times
D. The instructor should give the participants a break.
E. The instructor should report their behavior to management
Correct Answer: BD
Which of the following would an instructor do with a new class to get the learners involved?
A. Have the learners introduce themselves.
B. Lecture on the topic and then ask questions about the lecture.
C. Have the learners stand around and talk to each other.
D. Give a survey to assess each learner’s knowledge.
Correct Answer: A

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