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Exam B
Scenario: An administrator is unable to connect to a resource pool in a XenServer environment in which high availability is enabled. The administrator discovers that the host is unreachable. What does the administrator need to do to recover the host?
A. Run the pool-disable command, then the host-shutdown command and then restart the host.
B. Run the pool-disable command, then run the pool-emergency-reset-master command and restart the host.
C. Run the emergency-ha-disable command, then once the host is restarted, run the pool-ha- enable command.
D. Run the host-evacuate command, then restart the host and run the pool-emergency- transition- to-master command.
1Y0-A26 exam Correct Answer: C

Scenario: In an environment with high availability enabled, an administrator discovered that a host is unreachable in a XenServer pool. The administrator disabled high availability in order to make the host reachable. Which xe CLI command can the administrator run to make the host reachable again?
A. host-disable
B. host-evacuate
C. pool-designate-new-master
D. pool-emergency-reset-master
Correct Answer: D

An administrator needs to run commands to specify to configure email alerts at the host level. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. alarm_priority on the host
B. alarm_priority on the virtual machine
C. the sender email address and SMTP server
D. the recipient email address and SMTP server
1Y0-A26 dumps Correct Answer: D

An administrator needs to authenticate all users when they log into the XenServer pool using their Windows credentials. What is the first step the administrator must take to achieve this?
A. Join the XenServer pool to the domain.
B. Add each user to the Users tab in XenCenter.
C. Create a XenServer user group within Active Directory.
D. Create Active Directory accounts for the XenServer users.
Correct Answer: A

What must be true in order to integrate Active Directory authentication with a XenServer host?
A. LDAP port 389 is open for inbound traffic to the XenServer host.
B. The Active Directory administrator account is created locally on the XenServer host.
C. The same DNS server is used for both the Active Directory server and the XenServer host.
D. RAS authentication is used for communication between the Active Directory server and the XenServer host.
1Y0-A26 pdf Correct Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator configured XenServer Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to authenticate using Active Directory. Using RBAC, the administrator must grant Level 2 Support users with permission to start and stop virtual machines.
Which two steps must the administrator take to grant Level 2 Support users virtual machine permissions? (Choose two.)
A. Assign a role to the subject.
B. Add an Active Directory group to the pool.
C. Assign XenServer permissions to a group.
D. Add users and their roles to the authorized list of users.
Correct Answer: AB

An administrator was given new security rules and now needs to remove specific permissions from the users in the VM Admin Role Based Access Control group. How can the administrator remove the specific permissions from the VM Admin user group?
A. Reset the VM Admin user group back to the default permissions.
B. Delete the registry key that applies to the specific permissions that need to be removed.
C. Run the xe subject-role-remove uuid= role-name=vm.pool_migrate XenServer command.
D. Remove the specific permissions from the Active Directory user group associated with the VM Admin user group.
1Y0-A26 vce Correct Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator is planning to introduce 100 new virtual machines into the environment. The administrator plans to use XenServer templates and duplication mechanisms. What must the administrator consider when deciding between the full copy and fast clone duplication mechanisms?
A. A template needs to be copied before it can be fast cloned.
B. A virtual machine that is duplicated using the full copy method may impact disk performance.
C. A virtual machine that is duplicated using the fast cloned method may impact disk performance.
D. A template created on local storage can be duplicated by using the full copy method by any host in the pool.
Correct Answer: C

An administrator cloned a template into a virtual machine and then converted it back into a template. Which action must be performed on the disks to restore expected levels of disk performance?
A. Run SysPrep
B. Complete a full copy
C. Execute a fast clone
D. Suspend before cloning
1Y0-A26 exam Correct Answer: B

Which item in the Provisioning Services Console will the administrator need to configure to delete a machine account from the Active Directory domain?
A. Farm
B. vDisk
C. Server
D. Target Device
Correct Answer: D

An administrator notices that the target device is NOT starting from a newly created vDisk, but other target devices using different vDisks are working. Which action can the administrator take to correct this issue?
A. Restart the Stream Service.
B. Enable streaming on the vDisk.
C. Reset the Active Directory machine account password.
D. Change the vDisk access mode to Private Image mode.
1Y0-A26 dumps Correct Answer: B

An administrator needs to configure a Provisioning services environment for Microsoft volume license management. Which properties could the administrator configure to accomplish this task?
A. Farm
B. vDisk
C. Server
D. Target device
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator is delivering Windows virtual machines using Provisioning services. The administrator needs to reduce the impact on Provisioning services disk consumption as well as maintain user operating system modifications. Which cache mode must be used in this scenario?
A. Cache on Server
B. Cache in Device RAM
C. Cache on Server Persisted
D. Cache on Device Hard Drive Persisted
1Y0-A26 pdf Correct Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator is in charge of distributing streamed Windows desktops to users using Provisioning services. Users have reported that they CANNOT access any printers while using the streamed desktops. The administrator has confirmed local printers are installed in the base image. What could be causing this issue?
A. Printer drivers are NOT configured.
B. Network printers are NOT assigned to the users.
C. Active Directory printers are assigned to the users.
D. Printer Management is enabled in the vDisk properties.
Correct Answer: D

A XenServer administrator is updating a shared disk image used by multiple virtual machines. What must the administrator do before updating the shared disk image?
A. Copy CIM.EXE to the vDisk.
B. Modify the vDisk cache type.
C. Disable streaming of the vDisk.
D. Change the vDisk access mode.
1Y0-A26 vce Correct Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator manages an environment with 200 private virtual machine images that need to be updated. Snapshots are NOT being used and the virtual machines have been customized by the users. Which step must the administrator take to update these images?
A. Enable automatic updates.
B. Merge differencing disk files.
C. Change the vDisk access mode.
D. Update each of the vDisks individually.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator created a single vDisk in the Provisioning Services Console that will be delivered to multiple target devices. The operating system must save user changes to applications. Which two options did the administrator select while preparing the vDisk? (Choose two.)
A. Private Image mode
B. Cache in Device RAM
C. Standard Image mode
D. Cache on Hard Drive Persistent
1Y0-A26 exam Correct Answer: CD

An administrator needs to modify an application contained within a vDisk that is currently being used by multiple target devices. Which option must the administrator select on the vDisk in order to modify the application?
A. Cache on Server
B. Private Image mode
C. Standard Image mode
D. Cache on Device Hard Disk
Correct Answer: B

An administrator needs to add a new group of similar computers to an existing Provisioning services farm. Which type of resource could the administrator create in Provisioning services?
A. Farm
B. Store
C. Target Device
D. Device Collection
1Y0-A26 dumps Correct Answer: D

An administrator has two datacenters, each of which has its own storage that can only be accessed by hosts that are in the same datacenter. What could the administrator create to ensure that each host can only access its assigned storage?
A. Site
B. Store
C. Target device
D. Device collection
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator CANNOT use XenCenter to manage an existing XenServer host in a resource pool. The administrator found that the XenServer host CANNOT communicate properly with XAPI. What could be causing the communication issue on the failed host?
A. Dom0 is out of space.
B. NTP is NOT configured.
C. The root password is unknown.
D. The host CANNOT connect to Active Directory.
1Y0-A26 pdf Correct Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator manages six XenServer hosts in a resource pool in which high availability is enabled. The administrator is notified that host fencing occurred. Which two reasons could be causing the issue? (Choose two.)
A. CPU utilization reached 90%.
B. The resource pool is overcommitted.
C. The shared storage repository was disconnected.
D. There was a XenServer management network outage.
Correct Answer: CD

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