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An engineer is configuring local web authentication on a WLAN. The engineer chooses the Authentication radio button
under the Layer 3 Security options for Web Policy. Which device presents the web authentication for the WLAN?
A. ISE server
B. local WLC
C. RADIUS server
D. anchor WLC
Correct Answer: B

What are two common sources of interface for WI-FI networks? (Choose two.)
A. radar
B. LED lights
C. rogue AP
D. conventional oven
E. fire alarm
Correct Answer: BC


Pass4itsure 350-401 exam questions-q3

Refer to the exhibit. Which level message does the WLC send to the syslog server?
A. syslog level errors and less severity messages
B. syslog level errors messages
C. all syslog levels messages
D. syslog level errors and greater severity messages
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about a fabric access point is true?
A. It is in local mode an must be connected directly to the fabric border node.
B. It is in FlexConnect mode and must be connected directly to the fabric border node.
C. It is in local mode an must connected directly to the fabric edge switch.
D. It is in FlexConnect mode and must be connected directly to the fabric edge switch.
Correct Answer: C

Which DNS lookup does an access point perform when attempting CAPWAP discovery?
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about TLS is true when using RESTCONF to write configurations on network devices?
A. It is provided using NGINX acting as a proxy web server.
B. It is no supported on Cisco devices.
C. It required certificates for authentication.
D. It is used for HTTP and HTTPs requests.
Correct Answer: A

Which statement about when you configure FlexConnect APs and you want to set up Cisco Centralized Key
Management fast roaming is true?
A. FlexConnect groups are required for Cisco Centralized Key Management fast roaming to work with FlexConnect
access points.
B. APs that are in the same FlexConnect group but associated to different WLCs support Cisco Centralized Key
C. Cisco Centralized Key Management fast roaming among FlexConnect and non-FlexConnect access points is
D. The FlexConnect access point must be in standalone mode to support Cisco Centralized Key Management.
Correct Answer: A
References: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/8-1/Enterprise-Mobility-8-1-DesignGuide/Enterprise_Mobility_8-1_Deployment_Guide/ch7_HREA.html

Which statement explains why Type 1 hypervisor is considered more efficient than Type 2 hypervisor?
A. Type 1 hypervisor runs directly on the physical hardware of the host machine without relying on the underlying OS.
B. Type 1 hypervisor enables other operating systems to run on it.
C. Type 1 hypervisor relics on the existing OS of the host machine to access CPU, memory, storage, and network
D. Type 1 hypervisor is the only type of hypervisor that supports hardware acceleration techniques.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

Pass4itsure 350-401 exam questions-q9

Link1 is a copper connection and Link2 is a fiber connection The fiber port must be the primary port for all forwarding.
The output of the show spanning-tree command on SW2 shows that the fiber port is blocked by spanning tree. An
engineer enters the spanning- tree port-priority 32 command on GO/1 on SW2. but the port remains blocked.
Which command should be entered on the ports that are connected to Lmk2 to resolve the issue?
A. Enter spanning-tree port-priority 32 on SW1.
B. Enter spanning-tree port-priority 224 on SW1.
C. Enter spanning-tree port-priority 4 on SW2.
D. Enter spanning-tree port-priority 64 on SW2.
Correct Answer: A

When reason could cause an OSPF neighborship to be in the EXSTART/EXCHANGE state?
A. Mismatched OSPF network type
B. Mismatched areas
C. Mismatched MTU size
D. Mismatched OSPF link costs
Correct Answer: C

Which two GRE features are configured to prevent fragmentation? (Choose two.)
A. TCP window size
D. DF bit clear
E. MTU ignore
Correct Answer: BC

On which protocol or technology is the fabric data plane based in Cisco SD-Access fabric?
C. Cisco TrustSec
Correct Answer: D

A response code of 404 is received while using the REST API on Cisco UNA Center to POST to this URI.
/dna/intent/api/v1 /template-programmer/project
What does the code mean?
A. The client made a request a resource that does not exist.
B. The server has not implemented the functionality that is needed to fulfill the request.
C. The request accepted for processing, but the processing was not completed.
D. The POST/PUT request was fulfilled and a new resource was created, Information about the resource is in the
response body.
Correct Answer: A

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