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1. During a BlackBerry MVS installation, an MVS administrator is prompted to enter a MVS Data Manager Hostname or IP Address. Which IP Address value should this be? (Choose one.)
B. Serverwhere MVS is being installed
C. BlackBerry Enterprise Server
D. BlackBerry Configuration Database server
210-250 exam Answer: B

2.A European company has integrated its Avaya Communication Manager to the AudioCodes Mediant Gateway with an E1 interface. Which E1 signaling protocol is required.? (Choose one.)
Answer: C

3. If the MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector is NOT started, what effect will this have on BlackBerry MVS Services? (Choose one.)
A. Incoming MVS calls will be available
B. Outgoing MVS calls will be available
C. Message Waiting Indicator will be disabled
D. MVS work line will be unregistered
210-250 dumps Answer:D

4. A BlackBerry MVS customer needs to provision a group of BlackBerry MVS users so they will be able to use BlackBerry MVS in a Voice over Wi-Fi only mode. Which two tasks should the MVS administrator perform to provide the customer with this capability? (Choose two.)
A. Within the MVS users settings configuration, set When Wi-Fi is unavailable, use Mobile to NO
B. Within the MVS users settings configuration, set Default line for outgoing calls to Voice over Wi-Fi
C. Within the Class of Service configuration, select the VoWi-Fi check box
D. Within the Class of Service configuration, disable User may change the default network for BlackBerry MVS calls
E. Within the Class of Service configuration, enable User may change the default network for BlackBerry MVS calls
Answer: A,D

5.An IP-to-IP solution has just been configured. There are two Proxy Sets in the configuration. What two entities do the Proxy Sets represent? (Choose two.)
A. BlackBerryMVS Server
B. BlackBerryDispatcher
C. Vendor Media Gateway
D. Vendor IP PBX
E. BlackBerry Router
210-250 pdf Answer: A,D

6.What is the minimum number of BlackBerry MVS Servers needed to support 14,000 users in a High Availability environment? (Choose one.)
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: C

7. A customer with an Avaya PBX infrastructure is interested in purchasing BlackBerry MVS. The customer needs to deploy BlackBerry MVS using a TDM configuration. The PBX environment includes the Avaya components listed below.
Avaya S8730 Media Server configured for High Availability
Avaya Communication Manager 5.2
Avaya G650 Media Gateways
Which component does the customer need to facilitate the BlackBerry MVS integration? (Choose one.)
A. Dialogic Media Gateway
B. AudioCodes Mediant Gateway
C. Avaya Aura Session Manager
D. Avaya SIP Enablement Server
210-250 vce Answer: B

8.When an external caller calls an MVS user, the MVS user’s BlackBerry smartphone fails to ring. The MVS user is provisioned for BlackBerry device-initiated calling. What is the likely cause of this failure? (Choose one.)
A. DTMF digits were rejected by the PBX as an invalid number
B. BlackBerry MVS Client did not create the call request
C. BlackBerry MVS Client did not receive the proper ANI number
D. BlackBerry MVS Client did not receive the call request
Answer: D

9. DTMF tones are blocked from reaching the SIP Gateway. How will this affect MVS users? (Choose one.)
A. Calls over the Wi-Fi network will fail
B. Calls over the mobile network will fail
C. BlackBerry MVS Client will show as unregistered
D. DTMF tones will not be recognized on a conference bridge
210-250 exam Answer: B

10. What is the way to test the Add Participant to a Call feature for an individual MVS user without impacting existing users if most features are disabled during installation? (Choose one.)
A. Create a new template
B. Create a new Feature Set
C. Create a new Class of Service
D. Create a new Telephony Connector
Answer: C

11. Before you can run custom Health and Service Level Reports, you need to make sure that: (Choose four)
A. Report log files have been updated.
B. Service Profiles have been configured.
C. Groups and Groups Lists arepopulated.
D. User Permissions have been configured.
E. The Database is set up and is operational.
F. Correct report definitions have been created.
210-250 dumps Answer: B,C,D,E

12. In Report Center, which users are considered super users.?
A. Server Administrators
B. Report Administrators
C. System Administrators
D. Directory Administrators
Answer: C

13.Which report type can you drill down to from an At-a-Glance report?
A. TopN
B. Trend
C. Health
D. Service Level
210-250 pdf Answer: B

14.Which command do you use to open the OneClick for eHealth console only?
A. ehealth -h
B. ehealth -oce
C. ehealth -once
D. ehealth -motif
Answer: B

15.Which statement about using Oracle with CA eHealth is TRUE?
A. CA eHealth supports the use of a remote Oracle database.
B. All versions of CA eHealth now use the Oracle double-byte software.
C. A database can be on a mapped or mounted drive with high-speed connectivity.
D. You can use Oracle or other after-market tools to back up the CA eHealth database.
210-250 vce Answer: C

16. In an HTML 4.0-compliant browser, how is a radio button field displayed within a form?
A. A radio button is displayed as a small box.
B. A radio button is displayed as a small round button.
C. A radio button is displayed as a button with a text label inside it.
D. A radio button is displayed as a blinking series of numbers in a box.
Answer: B

17. At which level of the OSI reference model does a Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit (CSU/DSU) operate?
A. The physical layer
B. The network layer
C. The application layer
D. The transport layer
210-250 exam Answer:A

18. Which e-commerce protocol is defined as a standard protocol used on the Internet to secure online credit card payments?
A. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
B. Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
C. Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)
D. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Answer: B

19. A user at her workstation cannot reach any host on the Internet using ping, yet she can ping all the file and print servers on her local LAN. You investigate the problem and discover that one of the following configuration parameters is missing. Which parameter is missing?
A. The default gateway
B. The IP address
C. The subnet mask
D. The DHCP server address
210-250 dumps Answer:A

20. Consider the following HTML code: In this code, what does the hash symbol (#) mean?
A. FaceMap is an image map defined on another page within your Web site.
B. Use the FaceMap image as an image map with default coordinates.
C. FaceMap is an image map defined within the same HTML file.
D. Apply the coordinates defined in a tag to the FaceImage.gif graphic.
Answer: C

21. What is the purpose of the session layer (Layer 5) of the OSI reference model?
A. Establish, manage and terminate connections
B. Forward and route datagrams to their destinations
C. Interface with the end user
D. Provide reliable transparent transport between source and destination hosts
210-250 pdf Answer:A

22. The Internet’s structure is characterized by:
A. a single host with multiple connections.
B. multiple hosts, each with a single conection to the Web.
C. decentralized control throughout the network.
D. a central hub that reduces the chances of total network failure.
Answer: C

23. Evan added a new image to the company Web site. The image is too large, relative to other items on the page. Which tag attributes should Evan use to reduce the image size to 300 by 300 pixels?
A. LENGTH=”300″ SIZE=”300″
B. DIMENSION=”300″ “300”
C. WIDTH=”300″ SIZE=”300″
D. WIDTH=”300″ HEIGHT=”300″
210-250 vce Answer: D

24. What is the key difference between Java and JavaScript?
A. Java is a more complicated scripting language, intended for senior developers.
B. Java is an object-oriented programming language, whereas JavaScript is an object-based scripting language.
C. JavaScript is a more complicated language, intended for senior developers.
D. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language, whereas Java is an object-based scripting language.
Answer: B

25. According to the HTML 4.0 Recommendation, an HTML tag can consist of several items, all of which are contained within angle brackets (). The main instruction of an HTML tag is usually contained in which item?
A. Element
B. Attribute
C. Value
D. Code
210-250 exam Answer:A

26. Lucinda developed a Web site that uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) exclusively to define the pages?layout instructions. Which lavor?of the Lucinda developed a Web site that uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) exclusively to define the pages?layout instructions. Which ?lavor?of the HTML 4.0 Recommendation did Lucinda use for her site?
A. Frameset
B. Strict
C. Transitional
D. Loose
Answer: B

27. Hackers from a certain organization repeatedly attack your Web servers. Your manager wants you to implement a firewall that blocks all connections from that organization. Which type of firewall should you implement to protect your Web servers?
A. Packet-filtering firewall
B. Application gateway
C. Network Address Translation firewall
D. Proxy server firewall
210-250 dumps Answer:A

28. Which of the following is an Apple QuickTime file name extension?
A. .eps
B. .jpg
C. .mov
D. .mp3
Answer: C

29. Which of the following best describes the functionality of Extensible Markup Language (XML)?
A. Creates static Web documents and describes visual layout
B. Creates animation and interaction in Web documents
C. Creates content validation in Web documents
D. Creates a language to define context in Web documents
210-250 pdf Answer: D

30. Which protocol operates at the network layer of the OSI reference model?
A. Internet Protocol (IP)
B. Ethernet
C. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
D. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

31. What is a cookie?
A. An executable file placed on a computers hard drive by a Web site to gather information about the computer user preferences .
B. A security directory on a computer hard drive that can accept or reject downloads from a Web site.
C. A text file that is initially sent from a Web site to a client computer, used to collect information from the client
D. An alert dialog box that warns you when marketing information is placed on your computer by a Web site
210-250 vce Answer: C

32. Management has complained that the employee contact lists are not synchronized and that employees are spending too much time updating their e-mail lists. You must suggest a solution to this problem. Which server would be part of the solution?
A. Web server
B. SQL server C. Directory server
D. Catalog server
Answer: C

33. Which connection medium operates at a maximum speed of 44.736 Mbps?
C. T3 line
D. T1 line
210-250 exam Answer: C

34. A circuit-level gateway is one type of:
A. firewall.
B. e-commerce payment application.
C. intrusion-detection software.
D. port.

35. Which choice best describes half-duplex data transmission?
A. Data travels in only one direction.
B. Data travels in two directions, but only one direction at a time.
C. Data travels in two directions simultaneously, but only at half speed.
D. Data travels in two directions simultaneously.
210-250 dumps Answer: B

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