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Axis Certified Professional AX0-100 – Video Exam Questions and Answers

2020 practice tests for Axis AX0-100 Exam

Audio detection can be used
A. Only with cameras with built in microphone.
B. In all Axis cameras but an extra intelligent video (IV) module is necessary.
C. Only in quiet areas.
D. For detecting a change in decibel levels.
Correct Answer: D

Outdoor ready cameras in the AXIS Q60 Series typically works with 60 W PoE, if we connect it to 30W PoE it will
A. Work for a limited time.
B. Give picture but impossible to pan and tilt.
C. Work but with limited temperature specification.
D. Work but with limited pan and tilt speed.
Correct Answer: C

Why is it recommended to make a list of the Axis network video product serial numbers in an installation?
A. It provides an overview of what equipment has been used
B. The product name can be found inside the serial number
C. It make it is easier to identify the camera in AXIS Camera Management
D. It gives the status of the camera or encoder
Correct Answer: C

Working with a retailer on a site survey, they ask if there\\’s any way to get more of the aisle and less of the shelves on
the short sides in the shot. An AXIS M3204 camera is being used. Which would be the best suggestion to the retailer?
A. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 10 mm
B. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 4 mm
C. Using Axis\\’ Corridor Format
D. Switching the camera to a 16:9 view
Correct Answer: C

If using H.264 compression, in theory, what could a video containing no l-frames look like?
A. The first P-frame is visible during the whole video
B. A black image is visible during the whole video
C. All moving objects will be visible
D. All non-moving objects will be visible
Correct Answer: C

The Axis pixel counter allows a user to
A. Convert pixels to actual distances.
B. Verify that the resolution requirements for a scene are met.
C. Determine the file size for each video frame.
D. Specify different exposure zones in a scene.
Correct Answer: B

When dealing with a complicated lighting scenario, such as a camera inside looking out through bright windows, which
camera would best adapt to the scene to provide the highest image detail?
A. AXIS M3204
B. AXIS P3304
C. AXIS P5534
D. AXIS Q1604
Correct Answer: D

When using the view area functionality, each view area has its own video stream and (Choose two)
A. Exposure control setting
B. Text overlay setting
C. User credentials
D. PTZ setting
E. Compression algorithm setting
Correct Answer: DE

Which is an impact on cameras that are operating above their specified temperature limit?
A. Noise is increased
B. Frame rate is reduced
C. Light sensitivity is decreased
D. Resolution is reduced
Correct Answer: A

A customer wants his video surveillance system to completely cover the perimeter of his property. For the installer to
ensure that the camera system is not subject to sabotage, he should
A. Install more low-priced cameras to cover the complete site.
B. Make sure each camera is seen by at least one other camera.
C. Use PoE, and not a PoE splitter.
D. Install thermal cameras.
Correct Answer: B

Which is an advantage of the H.264 compression standard?
A. Bandwidth and storage usage is independent of the amount of motion in the video
B. Compared to Motion JPEG. H.264 video reduces the CPU load when viewing the video
C. In most situations, compared to Motion JPEG. H.264 video reduces bandwidth and storage usage
D. The intra-frame coding makes the video less sensitive to network dropouts
Correct Answer: C

The purpose of a DNS server is to
A. Allocate IP addresses to devices within a network.
B. Allocate MAC addresses to devices within a network.
C. Translate host names such as www.axis.com to IP addresses.
D. Translate host names such as www.axis.com to MAC addresses.
Correct Answer: C

Where is the best place to mount a camera with a fixed iris?
A. Outside, on a pole
B. Inside, in a room with large windows
C. Outside, in a shadowed position
D. Inside, in a room with very strong light sources
Correct Answer: D

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